That’ll Do, Pig


Doesn’t even work at all anymore.

God, they have really made this impossible.

So begins Hour Two of trying to post here, Bloggers, and as I’m sure you’ll see the effort was of debatable worth in the first place.  Listen:  WordPress is getting harder and harder to use, bit I AM NOT GONE.




I do not even UNDERSTAND this interface anymore, which is why I’m outta here.  I’m a sort of cut-paste-post guy, and WordPress doesn’t really support that anymore.  I’m going to find another place, and then I’m going to tell you all about it, but THIS?


This is for the birds.




Thanks for all the fish.


I promise I will let you know just EXACTLY where I am, as soon as I am exactly SOMEWHERE.


Thank you for listening and for talking back.  It’s been fun.  I would say more, but the bar is set rather high.  Once I dreamed of writing a post called “On The Lifespan Of Blogs”, and I may still write it but I’m not writing it YET, and if I ever do write it then it sure as hell won’t be here.  Not because I hate WordPress!  Oh no.  Far from it.

But we’re just different people now.




– Plok


2 responses to “That’ll Do, Pig

  1. I hope you’re able to find a service that works soon. I can’t offer any suggestions, seeing as I’m still on Blogger. I’d be curious to see that Lifespan of a Blog post, if I only because I find myself wondering how long mine will go on (it’s already vastly exceeded any idea I had going in).

  2. I hope I find one too, Calvin! Though I am beginning to question if there’s really much of a niche for me anymore, as a creature of the 2000s, in this particular up-to-date ecology. I might be able to have just as much fun printing off little pamphlets and mailing them to interested readers, you know? I was looking at Posthaven, a paid service that promises to store you forever if you pay them a year’s bill up front — sixty bucks. It doesn’t seem at all like a terrible idea. But then again, as long as we’re talking about pay-for-publish models, maybe blogging isn’t necessarily the best way! A dedicated website would work at this point, too, except for the impossibility of using software from 2010 on it…and there’s the matter of how much of a manager of computers I really want to be, how much I want to be in business with all this stuff. The jazz/flamenco opera may get its own site, a sort of virtual venue for me to lodge semi-theatrical projects in, but ranting about the semiotics of Spider-Man would probably not be a good fit for that environment…because that isn’t work for me, not even enjoyable work, it’s just play plain and simple.

    “On The Lifespan Of Blogs” is a post that continues to go more staledated in my head the longer I keep from writing it. Today we have podcast farms, in some cases very fine ones, where a lot of straight blogging used to be, and the original draft of “Lifespan” never anticipated that. So is that the direction we’re all going, like audio transhumanists will we all one day get picked up by the jubilee cloud of earbudspace? It’s hard to say. A lot of different engines drive the changes in blogland, and they’re not all “don’t have the time anymore”…these things all show evidence of us repurposing their bundled features to better fit what we want to do, and for me this is (as my relatively recent template-and-content overhaul attests) something of a big deal. In the end, paper and the post office may make me feel like I have a bit more freedom, despite the absence of hyperlinks. I suppose I could use those glyph thingies, whatever they’re called, those things you zap with your phone and they take you to a URL? Maybe a bit too much like black magic, though, and I’ve always been a bit too much of a square to mess with any red pills. Just give me my delicious steak, damn you, Morpheus!

    But yeah…perhaps what’s missing from that as-yet-unwritten post is something about how blogs go on, as well as die off…

    But it isn’t as though this one is DYING, anyway! It’ll still be here; I just won’t be posting on it.

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