Attention Must Be Paid To this Man

Happy Birthday, Tim!

He’s done this before; right when I started blogging he went into this whole John Cusack thing about how he didn’t want to sell anything or buy anything or manage anything bought-sold, but The Hurting was just The Hurting.

It’s a good mission statement.  Who’s in this game for money?  Only an idiot.  Who’s in it to be anything but the cantankerous motherfucker they are, a rough approximation of a Platonic Square Peg, a person who does it wrong at least half the time, and the other half does it right but fucks it up at the end regardless?

Only a slightly more successful idiot.

There’s no one quite like Tim, not even the sainted Neilalien who made us all policemen.  Tim’s a bit fractious!  He’s an academic.  He’s a punk!  He’s a magistrate.  He’s gonna smash the state!  You little shits will get off his lawn NOW.  Kidney-shaped pools?  Awesome.  Skateboarding?  Bourgeois.

And he can prove it.

All of it.

Never was there a man so unready, who owned so much ammunition.  Who else can say that?

Who would bother to?

There’s no one like Tim, and there’s noplace to find him but here.  Personally, I like the guy.  And if you do too, why not go over to his place and tell him so.  It will amuse him to get the chance to pretend not to like it.  Ten years a Blogger.

May we all be so fresh-faced at his age.

Still with strong opinions about Spider-Man.

(Wow, when did it get so hard to find Nicholas Campbell Spider-Man clips on YouTube?  TIM, YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO IMAGINE IT!!)

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