Advice From The Eldest Blogger

Howdy, folks!

As you can see, I’ve made some changes, thanks to NeilAlieN coming along in the comments to the last post and suggesting that I need to embrace the opportunity…

…Or it’s likely to embrace me, so I think I’ll get right on that. What precisely is going to be different I can’t quite say yet, but I’m closer to it than I was two days ago…and I like this blog template, with its two sidebars and its place to pay ironic homage to Kurtzman/Toth war comics. It feels organized, and moderately efficient, and my goodness that man could draw.

Basically, I’m rebooting. Unwilling to quit blogging, I’ve also realized I can’t just keep blundering my way along through it without some semblance of a Plan…and it’s not just blogging; you should see my revamped filing system here at home!

I’m even buying a wool duvet!

I guess a thing I always admired was some old kook with a Plan, really…a friend of mine’s father once had such a Plan, for his summer cabin: when his wife said “okay, now what are we going to do about chairs?”, he replied:



So that’s about the size and shape of my own Plan, here. A summer cabin this most definitely is not, but if I’m gonna keep blogging I’m gonna have things about as close to my own way as I can figure out how to get ’em. So over the next couple of days I will be making some tweaks, and hopefully it’ll all be a bit more rationalized and easier to navigate…because I think I know what I want to do with it all. I think I know what I want it to be.

One word of caution: there appears to be something seriously screwy with the comment box, when you type more words it doesn’t scroll down your text with you. This is a serious drawback, to my way of thinking, but for myself I’m going to try to get around it by composing in a word processor and then cutting-and-pasting. This business of blogging is not going to get easier as time goes along, I believe, but more and more cumbersome…as what you want to do, and what blogging platforms think you should want to do, become more and more separate estates. So I don’t think we get out of this without having to make some adaptations, or at any rate I don’t think I do. And the whole thing may not last forever, anyway, but…

While it lasts, I think I may play around with it a bit; even if just for the sake of keeping my own interest up.

Here’s hoping I keep yours up as well, Bloggers!

6 responses to “Advice From The Eldest Blogger

  1. I’d noticed the comment box thing too, and I actually did cut ‘n’ paste the last two comments I left. WordPress thinks, “Why would anyone leave a comment that’s longer than three lines?” But most of the time, I’m not sure they’re wrong.

    But anyway, I always appreciate more blogging, even if I am apparently unable or unwilling to do any myself these days. I actually can’t see much of the art (perhaps this by design, or perhaps it’s because I still use Internet Explorer, which people tell me only squares use these days), but I honestly appreciate the lettering.

  2. By the way, I have thrown in Colin Smith’s “Too Busy” Tumblr account there on the blogroll, and I STRONGLY URGE everyone to check it out…may make a special post just to boost it, in fact!

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