Shorter Stephen Harper

“We must destroy the village in order to save it;  to deny this is to engage in the most egregious hypocrisy.”


He’s probably going to roll in the tanks, here, to get it.

I’m probably going to be killed, in the name of exporting democracy to the world.  But, it’s a pretty poor sort of democracy, I think!

Anyway, Bloggers…thank you for your patience.  My enormous and ultra-bloated (why, it’s so bloated it makes Twitter only look super-bloated instead of hyper-bloated!) post on The Physics Of The Marvel Universe is proceeding apace, and will shortly make a disgusting rotten-egg smell by dropping onto this here blog in two parts.

The third part will go elsewhere, due to the rotten-egg corollary of the Pauli Exclusion Principle.

It will probably be about thirty pages, all in all.

God, I wish I could tell you it’ll all be worth it.

We’ve had inept philosophers as Prime Ministers before, but Stephen Harper practically embarrasses L. Ron Hubbard with his flights of fancy.  There’s a reason he likes to propound his shitty bargain-bin Reaganomics at symposia in other countries, and that’s because he gets to represent it as a viewpoint that has a mandate…and he certainly can’t do that in Canada, because he’d be FLATTENED as soon as he tried it.  A bit of a coward, our Steve?

To promote democracy abroad, he seems to say to me, we must hobble it at home.

But hush!  Not in front of the children.

He still thinks we’re mindless sheep.  He really does.  I don’t think there’s any question about that.  And so I print this absolutely free of any fear that any of the Harper Conservatives will act upon it even if they think it’s true:  next election, he’ll be gone.

So we just have to keep him from strip-mining the place until then.

Things are pretty bad, and they’re going to get worse.  They are so bad, and they’re going to get so much worse, that I am actually relying on Christy Clark to keep me from being crushed under the tread of a tank.  I am relying on Christy Clark to keep things from going more to shit.

So pass the Lord, and praise the ammunition.  Put your head between your legs, and kiss your ass goodbye.

Because that’s the least of the contortions you’re going to have to do, to live here for the next little while.  So you might as well warm up.

Ai ya.  Most shit PM ever.  Not even any close competitors.

Iron Man, if Iron Man was actually called “Human Brain Diaper”.

It’s really only a question of fucked we’re gonna be, y’know?



3 responses to “Shorter Stephen Harper

  1. “next election, he’ll be gone.”

    I think so, but then again, thats what everyone said about Christy Clark…

  2. I think I am actually getting a handle on the Christy Clark thing, actually…at first, I wanted a recount, and a judicial review of the recount! Because everybody I’ver met just hates Christy Clark, our famous haircut with a smile.

    But I think it’s like this: not talking negative ads, but Adrian Dix didn’t even know how to point out any bad shit the Liberals had done. He didn’t even know enough to come up to a provable lie and say “that’s a lie and I can prove it”. Take the business with the NDP candidate who bad-mouthed francophones…after the Glen Clark NDP crashed, Adrian Dix was the mouthpiece for the, oh heck I dunno, the “Vancouver Association Of French-Immersion-Supporting Parents”, you know? So when he was asked about the francophonic slur, he could’ve said “are you kidding? have you not been watching? Christe Jesu, I practically am fucking French, and I’m more offended by this than you are, well tabernacle thank you for bringing it to my attention…!”

    Woulda been so easy.

    I’m still baffled by how Michael Ignatieff’s campaign never said a word about how if Harper had been in power five years earlier our banks would’ve crashed, how if he’d been in power five years ago we would’ve gone to Iraq…to this day Harper takes credit for a measure he hysterically opposed while in opposition, and no one but no one calls him on it, and yet there is Hansard.

    He can’t stay in, though. Can he? It would be so weird for him to win another election, and that’d be about the end of Canada as a First-World country. He’s incredibly uncharismatic. He looks weaselly. He’s helpless before straightforward questions from Elizabeth May. In recent days it’s been put right out there too, that the backbenchers think of this as the Reform Party…as I’ve said many times, the Parti Albertois. But if the opposition parties don’t care enough to stop them, then I guess they’ll win anyway.

    One could win B.C by just saying the environmental review process is a farce. It’s a PR exercise, aimed at us. There was never any chance at all that the pipeline wouldn’t pass, never never never. Everyone knows it. Harper’s government exists to serve Alberta, and not even Alberta, but moneyed interests in Alberta, that a lot of Albertans don’t even like. This is plain and simple the Big Oil Party.

    Man, I REALLY don’t want to have to be taken to jail after lying down in front of a bulldozer. That is truly going to suck. The Mounties are not exactly going to have soft hands, either. I’ll probably be tasered. I might even die.

    They’re motherfuckers.

  3. Also, fucking WordPress changing nhow everything looks and works on their Dashboard interface, gah!

    But first stop Harper.

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