Blog Called On Account Of Google

Hello, folks!

Just a quick note to let you all know that a lot of the links around here have been rendered inactive, as my old A Trout In The Milk blog back at Blogspot has been DELETED.

Fortunately, I backed it all up a few months ago on another WordPress blog made specially for the purpose, so in a little while I’ll be able to replace most of the links, and over time I hope to get to all of them…but I don’t quite know how long “over time” will be.  It could be a while.

You may be curious to know how this happened.  Well, my Gmail account got hacked, you see…and since I don’t use Gmail AT ALL anymore (I think it may have something to do with their incessant demands for my mobile phone number?), I figured the quickest solution (if also the dirtiest) was just to nuke the account from orbit.  Really, I didn’t want it anymore, and had been thinking what a silly thing it was to keep around.  The spamhack just gave me a reason to finally do something about it.

But, here’s the interesting thing.  I only saw one “Delete Account” button when I went to get this dirty work done — maybe someone could tell me if there was another one that I missed? — and that button was not for deleting my Gmail account, it was for deleting my GOOGLE account, which as you may know since the Grand Integration are considered to be one and the same.  You can’t even get a “Gmail account” now, right?  Gmail is bundled with the Total Google Package — I want to say, the Total Google Institution — and of course what’s your global Google username?

It’s your Gmail account’s name.

And what’s your global Google password?

Obviously, it’s the same as your Gmail account’s password.

So this was built out from the centre of the registered user base, right?  Very logically and sensibly, and I confess I never really thought about it ’til now, at least past thinking “oh, what a pain in the ass this new Google ID makes it to comment on Blogger!”  But as it turns out…

As it turns out, two years or so of near-daily writing was already held hostage to Google’s webmail — and all its other various services — without me knowing about it.  They will tell you it’s all voluntary, and I guess it is…

But what does “voluntary” really mean, when such penalties obtain for making the wrong choice?

As a lifelong Non-Optimal User, it’s a question I’ve had occasion to ask myself many times.  But, I’ll be going into that in a bit more detail VERY SOON, so I won’t clutter up this brief note more than I must.  But I thought maybe I should tell you all, because how else would you know:

Yes, my old blog is GONE!  Gone for good.

So some of the links around here are going to be dead ends for a while.

And also…

If I were you, I would look into keeping a few extra baskets around, for egg-holding, besides just the Google one.  We speak of Yahoo! a bit derisively, sometimes, these days…but this afternoon I was transported by a mighty surge of relief, to realize that Flickr! is actually a Yahoo service, and not a Google one.

And such surges of relief are things you can’t really put a price on.

So:  sorry about the self-inflicted linkrot!

I promise I’ll get on it as soon as I may.


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