Fox News Of The North


If the only TV news you watched was on CTV, you could be forgiven for thinking that the big deal about the riots in England is how they might affect tourism during the Olympics.

Couldn’t you?

Yes, yes I think you could.  Also you might find yourself magically in possession of the opinion that there is ABSOLUTELY NO LARGER CONTEXT FOR ANY OF THIS, it is purely and simply a ZOMBIE PLAGUE TRANSMITTED AMONG THE GENETICALLY-CRIMINAL POPULATION, and that the really, really, REALLY overwhelming question about ALL of it…

(Barring the stuff about the Olympics of course)

…Is what its implications for social media are.

How will it affect Twitter.

That sort of thing.


Pardon me while I go throw up.  In the meantime, here are some views that contrast sharply with those of the CTV mass-mind…(and I could find you more, many more)…even if they do not really answer the question everyone is asking, the question that mystifies everyone, the question that mystifies no one.

What’s going on?

But if the only news you got was from CTV, you might not even recognize it as a question.

And this disturbs me.

Good luck to all our friends in the UK, and indeed around the world.


6 responses to “Fox News Of The North

  1. Today there are even more frighteningly astute, even-handed, level-headed analyses out of Britain about matters British, from bloggers far and wide and high and low and paid and unpaid. I’m not even turning on the TV at all tonight, the Internet is giving me so much to chew over. It’s an extremely awful state of affairs, but the level of mature comment about it online from the people who are there in it is…I dunno quite how to say it, it’s inspirational to me. People are thinking.

    No one in North America ever really thinks, when bad shit goes down. And in the face of these remarkable examples, I am beginning to suspect it’s because we don’t care to. Maybe we’re afraid to, I don’t know.

    Anyway, to those who are thinking and caring and not sparing even themselves in these examinations: WOW.

    I apologize if that is an offensive thing to say.

  2. Our old friend David Brothers (you can find him under 4th Letter on the sidebar if you somehow don’t already know him) reminds me that it’s ridiculous to say no one in NA ever really thinks. And of course he’s right, and I’ll endeavour to forcefully disprove that tossed-off contention of mine at the earliest opportunity.

  3. Amen to that- I’ve been here in lovely Vancouver for the better part of two years now, and while I was slow to make the move online for news before ( as I’ve always enjoyed the newspapers and I can rarely find anything bar news that convinces me to leave the TV on to be honest), I’ve given up on other media lately. I’m not implying that the standard in Ireland was any greater: I’ve been working on the assumption that I knew the options well enough back there to be able to navigate them with some certainty and that over here I just lack that knowledge. This makes me feel less of an alien, so thanks.

  4. You’re welcome, cking…anyway I can attest that in Canada it’s more than a bit tough to find people willing to think publicly. So here is a difference between us and the States that doesn’t get mentioned much, which by the way is not right: it’s a rare public intellectual in Canada who isn’t pretty effortlessly outclassed by ex-schoolteachers in Texas, truck drivers in Alaska, farmers in California, rappers in Detroit. We do have our thinkers, but you can’t find them in the papers or on TV without a very fine-toothed comb. So we do some things better than the States, but public debate sure isn’t one of them, though this country’s tolerably well filled-up with people who know what’s what. As I so often say, Canada’s a strange place because it’s post-colonial yet not post-revolutionary…

    Anyway, I find I’ve got to add a link here. Of course it was inevitable that I would find many more links on Twitter to riot-commentary that I wish I’d included in the first draft of this post, and inevitable that I’d be tempted to endlessly update it or endlessly clutter the comments with links…so I’ve been holding back on that, but this one speaks to me as I want to be spoken to, for sure…

    And on Twitter I said “seems like we’ve got the rappers like Persia’s got the poets”, and also “I hope I’m not the first one to make that comparison”, because…well…poetry’s the soul of Persia, right? Dictators in those countries always expel poets first thing, because the poetic tradition is both powerful and political, and no one knows what the poets are going to say. That’s my (admittedly limited, and second- and third-hand) understanding of the thing. And it seems mostly foreign to Western society, that potency of poets, generally, except…well, except except except, right? David B., as I said, pointed out to me that not finding thinkers is a matter of selecting your informational channels so as to create a self-fulfilling prophecy about the paucity of thinking…a funny thing for me to forget, since I do work reasonably hard at finding the good and rich stuff.

    Anyway, the point is: I say it’s hard, but it’s not that hard. You just have to know how to look, I guess.

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