For All Those People Up In Minnesota…

…Will muttonchop sideburns get me the sack?

My birthday yesterday, I ate a pound of prawns, picked up my little nephew and kissed his weird orange head, saw a dead body and moved straight ahead, came home to weird psychic claws and edged them out as usual.  I don’t care about your politics but if you don’t think this is a good song you’re fuckin’ CRAY-ZEE…!  And belong in the blues you make for yourself…that’s what me and modern music got to say.


Okay, music for y’all:

Hey, don’t thank me all at once…

But form a line.

11 responses to “For All Those People Up In Minnesota…

  1. It was either this, or…

    It’s a mighty long way down rock n’ roll
    From East Berlin to the Letterman Show…”

    I believe that was 1989, when I was young and green.

  2. The Current! That’s the best radio station in the whole wide world, you know. (Other than Radio 4, so it’s the best music station in the whole wide world, okay.) I bet you knew.

  3. Oh fuck, WordPress has jazzed the comment window up. But what if I don’t want it jazzed up? Also a handy link to Facebook, which appalls me…

  4. Sorry I was out of the picture for a bit and missed your birthday. But why you want to go and have another birthday, anyway? Haven’t I done enough yet to make growing old seem unattractive? Where have I failed?

    Um…anyway, retroactive best wishes. Hope it was a good one! Now gotta go add June 5 2012 to my calendar, which is just about enough advance warning…

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