Interlude: Presented Without Commentary

Okay, this makes me laugh…

…And then wonder if I should cry.

You mean there are people out there who actually prefer it when their readers don’t leave essay-sized comments on their blogs?  And they want everyone to learn not to do this!  I love WordPress more than I can say, but…

One notices this, eh?  The rush to market on the Internet, social media blah blah blah…services thrown out there into the great unknown, for people to decide what to do with them.  It’s a business model:  make it, put it out there, find out what it’s for later on.  But I guess for most people the urge is always to lock things down, encourage rationalized behaviours, allow a little bit of craziness just so you can then consolidate what it throws up…and not let it just go on, by any means!  You just can’t help yourself, you want to figure out what it’s for so you can make people use it the right way, so you can build it out.  Thus all big communications technologies seek a flattening of difference in their own way, or rather (to be accurate) the people helping to run them do.  Note that questionnaire:  there are only two choices on it, which means only one option…but the option is illusory, isn’t it?  Because those two things are both the same thing, or at least from my perspective they are…

What are blogs for, anyway?

You can sense people starting to ask the question, but it isn’t really a question, and they’re not really asking.  Which is why the answers are all going to be gobbledegook, because what the question needs is analysis, not begging…and yet there’s a lot more money in begging, and that’s just the plain fact.

Huh, I guess I presented some commentary after all.  But seriously, WOW!  I thought I was a bit farther ahead of the curve than this, and yet here are all these factors starting to come together into a perfect storm.  Like a thyroid storm, really;  except it’s on the Internet and it’s about getting paid.

Just wait ’til you guys see what happens next, it’s either gonna be real interesting or it’s gonna be real depressing.  I have a timeline of this tacked up on my wall, and it clearly shows us coming up to the major fork in the road.  I think Bill Clinton said it best in that dream I had last night…

…That I will tell you all about, I promise, but first we must just get this pesky Universe business sorted out.



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