Interlude: Appearing Without Explanation

Just give me a minute, Bloggers, and we’ll be getting right back to the main programme…

However in the meantime, you may wish to scroll down to the latest entry on the Seven Soldiers Of Steve part of the sidebar, or just go here, to see what our pal the Disharoonian one has brought to the Valentine’s Day party…

(My God, we’re up to twenty-one of these!)

(It’s very gratifying…)

And as long as you’re going where I tell you, how about you check out a thoroughly unexpected interview with Gerhard (!) (WOW!), some Twin Peaks art, or even maybe read a book.  Thanks to Twitter I’ve been a terrible Linker Of Things lately, and I’m not promising I’ll correct it anytime soon (especially since the Mindless are linking so fast and furious these days), but as long as we’re both here we might as well go somewhere else, eh?

And then get back quick and take our seats:  the Universe should be starting up again in a minute or two…


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