“…Produce It, In God’s Name!”

Yo, Bloggers!

Well, I must say this is pretty goddamn cool…a nice crisp ten pages from Mr. Witzke and Mr. Lewis, of a story I’ve been fortunate enough to be somewhat, slightly, let in on, and MAN I’ve gotta tell you I’ve been dying to see it!  You may note that the action moves along pretty briskly;  you may note how the influences are worn on the sleeve;  you may wonder where it all heads off to, from here.

Answer:  it heads off somewhere pretty goddamn cool.

Go look, and then please join me in getting out your wallet and tapping it impatiently.

Looks great, guys!  Now MORE PLEASE…


One response to ““…Produce It, In God’s Name!”

  1. After a couple of pages, it really flows—and the presentation’s there, it looks very professional! I like the approach to coloring; it’s bound to be an influence in my own coming year!
    I see it doing well; I know you’ll keep us posted!

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