Now The Story Can Be Told…

…Although this isn’t where it ends.  Although it does end.

But this is where it begins, instead.

Bloggers, my wish has been granted:  “Panther’s Rage”, analyzed and appreciated in tag-team format by a couple of our most passionate online readers.  When I started this blog’s first iteration up, I felt like I was going outside everybody’s comfort zone by mentioning Howard The Duck.  But now — right now! — Tucker and David are attacking the very most naive purple-prosed heart of the corpus of mainstream comics I grew up with, and finding all kinds of charm in it, like a really earnest Christmas pudding.

And so at last it is not just me saying it was worth reading.

Just time for a quick smoke;  then let’s all hustle inside to hear the exegesis of the epilogue, eh?

Very highly recommended stuff.


8 responses to “Now The Story Can Be Told…

  1. I’m glad to see Panther’s Rage get its due. I was afraid McGregor’s “purple prose” wouldn’t pass muster with modern comics kids, and am gratified to be proven wrong.

  2. Well, its prose was certainly purply, and the character names were awful, but Panther’s Rage was one of the most sophisticated, thoughtful and downright great comics to come out of the seventies.

  3. Also, long a pet theory: Miller modelled lots of his DD on McGregor’s Panther. Right down to the comic-relief thugs.

    ‘Course I guess Don stole ’em from Kurosawa same as George Lucas did…

  4. Nice bit of casuistry, blaming Killmonger for the crap names. Personally, I think it was McGregor’s fault.*

    *but he’s still a comic-writing god

  5. Man…that bit in Part Three about fighting a dinosaur and Snakes on a Plane and asking WHO EXACTLY IS IN ON THIS JOKE…

    It’s the sort of thing I wish I had written, but I’m not good enough to have done it with such class; my version would’ve wrapped with me crying and shivering on the floor, three-quarters drunk, angrily whimpering that Marvel comics used to make me FEEL things, goddammit.

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