Matthew, Jonathan, Kieran…Come On Down…!

…And tell me what you’ve won!

With 10 votes and the preference of our ultimate tiebreaker, it’s Matthew’s Astro-Canadian crowd-pleaser “Phosphorescent Beetles” that takes first prize, close behind him with another 10 votes is Jonathan’s think-piece about kung fu on the Moon “Zerojidu”, and rounding out the top three with 9 votes is Kieran’s acid-drenched throwback to Sixties SF “Mind Traders Of The Milky Way”.  All most excellent offerings, fellows!

And so now, in order, you may each pick one item from List 1:

Hard Boiled, by Frank Miller and Geoff Darrow;  The Spirit:  Vol. I, by Darwyn Cooke, J. Bone, and Dave Stewart

Eighth Annual Edition Of The Worst From MAD, by the Usual Gang Of Idiots (reprint);  National Lampoon Sunday Newspaper Parody (seq. to 1964 Yearbook), by Various

Beanworld:  Book One and Beanworld:  Book Four, by Larry Marder (Beanworld Press);  Hellboy:  The Wild Hunt #8 of 8, by Mike Mignola and Duncan Fegredo;  Sandman:  The Dream Hunters #3, by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell

The Goon:  Nothin’ But Misery, by Eric Powell;  buncha Panic reissues, by Various

And two items from List 2:

MAD #137 (Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice parody)

MAD #155 (Godfather parody)

MAD #157 (Planet Of The Apes parody)

MAD #159 (A Clockwork Orange parody)

MAD #160 (“horizontal hold”)

MAD #166 (“finger” issue)

MAD #170 (Exorcist parody)

MAD #215 (Apocalypse Now parody)

…And then we’ll just take it from there, okay?


13 responses to “Matthew, Jonathan, Kieran…Come On Down…!

  1. Good gravy!

    I choose the one with the Beanworlds! Is all that really an item? But just so it has a Beanworld in it.

    And then the #160 and #166 MADs because I don’t know what they are.

    Normal conversations will be back soon, Plok.

  2. Sorry, Jonathan; I’m going for the item with the Beanworlds and Hellboy and Sandman. Might have taken the first set instead, but I already have the single issues of those Spirit comics and I’m not much of a Miller guy.

    For the MADs, I’ll go, I don’t know, 159 and 160, in case there’s any advantage in having consecutive issues.

    Weren’t there also originally mystery packages? Or how does that work?

    Thanks! I had fun.

  3. You’re welcome, Matthew! I’ll let you know when I’m ready to send stuff in the mail — will need your address, natch.

    And, there are indeed Mystery Packages, except I lost the piece of paper on which I wrote down what they were, so I’ll just have to get back to you on that after coffee…

  4. All good. Then I’ll select The Goon & Panic, and Mads #166 and #215.

    It’s been an interesting excursion. I’m feeling that all my SF background doesn’t add up to a novel, as much as a new release of Civilization — you have now attained a capability for 1 km^3 habitats, do you want to plant a forest?

  5. Sorry I’m late, internet troubles um, guess that leaves me with package 1, and Mads 137 and 157. Rather excellent as I’ve been meaning to pick up Hard Boiled for a while. Although all this talk of Canada makes me ask: shipping to England okay? Assumed so because Andrew entered but I thought I’d check.

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