Oh Yeah…

I am also in this.

No, not “How To Irritate People”…although

This thing!

Mine’s called “Sugar Cubes All The Way Down:  Watchmen and the Philosophy of Science”, and its argument is, I will venture to say, not exactly unfamiliar territory for anybody foolish enough to have read around much on this here blog…so if you’ve been this foolish already, be foolish enough to go and buy the thing!

But actually that won’t be very foolish at all…I’m dying to read it, myself.

3 responses to “Oh Yeah…

  1. Actually, it’s not titled that any more! We did something “clever” with the titles that unifies the anthology around a common motif. I think you’ll be pleased.

    And I’m still fascinated by that tv special. Pre-Python Cleese, Chapman, and Palin (plus one of the Goodies) doing conventional sketch comedy and not entirely succeeding. The Python style emerged as a way to eliminate the parts of comedy they weren’t good at — like ending their sketches — and play exclusively to their strengths. In other words, they cheated.

  2. Also, due to an editing error your essay is no longer about the history and philosophy of science as depicted in Watchmen, but is now a survey of the use of corsets in 16th Century costume design. I’m not entirely sure how that happened, but I’m new to this editorial thing.

  3. Wow, once again my instincts about this thing are perfect…I kinda suspected the title would be changed!

    “Too many colons,” I thought to myself. “This book could end up riddled with subtitlery, if no one takes a hand!” Happily the staff was on the case.

    The corset thing was less well-anticipated, but then these things can happen when well-meaning people agree on stuff. Happens all the time

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