I Don’t Know Where I Found This Search-String…

…Or maybe it’s something Englehart said?

Certainly it’s goddamn clever enough for him:

“The Tragedie of Batman, Prince of Denmark”

…Oh God, just to say it out loud one time!  JESUS!  It’s a weight off my shoulders.  How long have I been carrying that?  Okay, Bloggers, I guess we can use my Dad’s barn for the theatre…

Zom, you can knit the costumes…

David A, you can be the stage manager…

Any other volunteers?


9 responses to “I Don’t Know Where I Found This Search-String…

  1. It kind of works, doesn’t it? You’ve got Alfred as Claudius, the Penguin as Polonius, Dick as Horatio… I guess we ought to have Catwoman or Talia (in which case Ra’s should be Polonius) or Vicki Vale or Silver St. Cloud as Ophelia, but wouldn’t Harley work much better? And really it’s natural to have Tweedledum and Tweedledee as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, but I’d rather have Two-Face play both parts.

  2. No, no, the Ventriloquist guy…

    Sorry, very drunk…

    And I think you mean Alfred as Polonius, the Penguin as Claudius…Catwoman as Gertrude? Ra’s as the Ghost…?

    The problem is, we’re looking at it the wrong way ’round. Batman’s so strong a story that Hamlet has to bend to fit him. Well, and what else does Hamlet do but bend, for heaven’s sake?

  3. “Verily, there is nothing wrong with thee, Claudius, that I can’t fix with my hands.”

    • Ah! I know this fellow. Wish I could keep it together as he does. He makes omelettes, I make scrambled eggs.

      Been a while since I checked it out, though! Will get on that after coffee tomorrow.

  4. Claudius — Jim Gordon
    Polonius — Alfred
    Ophelia — Robin (wow)
    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern — Two-Face (genius, Matt!)

    And the Joker’s skull talks back to Bats and pops up sporadically in cap and bells directing derisive commentary to the audience.

    A study in creeping paranoia.

    Riddler, Penguin and Poison Ivy can be the Players. Don’t know about Horatio, or Gertrude. Funny, Batman doesn’t seem to have had a maternal figure, ever.

  5. “The voice of angels telleth me to cease my enforced overflexion of the varlet’s leg. Listen to it? I do not.”

    “The Riddler! I knew him, Robin! A fellow of infinite jest! I punched him in the face I know not how many times!”

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