Selling Eggs For Two-And-A-Half Cents…

Okay, that was fun, TV Space Meme People!  I had a really good time.  Thanks for contributing, eh?  You’ve stimulated my mind, not to sound too much like Bill Cosby in the Eighties…

And it’s a smaller group of us this time:  I make it Bill, Harvey, Sean, Clone, Andrew, Mike, Jonathan, Justin, RAB, Matthew, and Kieran.  Have I forgotten anyone?  Still hoping Mikesensei will bestir himself and add one in, and so I’m gonna give it ’til Monday morning ’til I close it for real…but basically I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t dispense prizes more liberally than the last time, since as I said I have this box ‘o stuff to dispose of.  So with an eye to that end, I think what we ought to do is have ourselves a more complicated voting system, just to make it as fun/annoying/democratic as possible.

Like STV!

So let’s do it like this:

We’ll all put in our top three votes for the winning entry, and mine will be no better than yours.  You can pick any entry, it doesn’t matter which, but you can’t pick the same entrant twice

Then we’ll vote for our favourite of the “second efforts”…that is, of the people who made a second entry, the entry they made that you didn’t vote for in the first ballot, you can vote for here.  And then the winner of these second efforts is awarded what I took for myself in the Time-Travel meme but am not taking here:  two extra votes to be cast in the first ballot.

And then there’s one more thing:  when I call it on Sunday night/Monday morning, the first person to correctly identify who I was impersonating by emailing me privately with their (one) guess…will receive one extra vote to be cast in the first ballot.  And here’s the kicker:

The winner of the second efforts may not cast their extra votes for themselves.

But the winner of the “guess the impostor” contest may cast their extra vote for themselves.

And if no one guesses the stalking-horse, then the stalking-horse wins two votes they can cast…for themselves, if they like.

So it’s sort of like that NBC reality show, oh what was it called…”GAY WITCH-HUNT”?

Something like that.

And the three ultimate winners, what do they win?

So glad you asked.  They win first picks of a list of stuff I have to get rid of, among which are the following:

Hard Boiled, by Frank Miller and Geoff Darrow, plus The Spirit:  Book One, by Darwyn Cooke, J. Bone, and Dave Stewart

MAD Pack #1:  a MAD novelty item and a bagged-and-boarded 1970s movie-parody-cover MAD that is not a second-stringer but one of the ones you want (and tell me your birthday, I may be able to hook something up with that)

MAD Pack #2:  some rare MAD novelty items and a bagged-and-boarded 1980s movie-parody-cover MAD (again, the non-second-stringer and birthday thing)

MAD Pack #3:  Dave Berg’s “My Friend God” paperback, paperback of “The MAD Morality:  or, The Ten Commandments Revisited”, and some weird-ass promo MAD cards of some sort, that I don’t know what they even are?

Again, Dangerous Visions vol. II, ed. Harlan Ellison, plus whatever’s behind Curtain #3…!

…And that’s as worthless as it gets, guys, honestly.  I’m still assembling the three or four additional packages that this list needs to be really interesting…a Comics Grab-Bag, a Paperback Grab-Bag…but trust me, would I steer you wrong?  Would I just hand you garbage?  There are some things I can’t store, and have to get rid of, that are essentially unsellable-though-cool…I figured I could bundle them with cool stuff people might actually like?  I promise, none of these packages will be disappointments.

Anyway, let’s all start thinkin’ about it.


Synchronize Bulovas…!

…And, seriously, another prize to whoever gets that reference, too…

And then they also win first picks of what’s left, to donate to someone they thought submitted an excellent entry that did not crack the top three, who is not also themselves.

And then when they’re done, the “guess the impostor” winner can pick one out of what’s left in the pile for themselves.

Does it meet with your approval, my warriors?


Then let’s start the clock ticking…and it doesn’t just have to be Mikesensei who slips in a late entry, or even a late second effort.

And don’t think the “guess the impostor” thing is going to be something I’ve made easy for you, either!


5 responses to “Selling Eggs For Two-And-A-Half Cents…

  1. Oh, that’s too bad, Mike!

    Still, since I have to run off and do some labour-type work right now, we won’t start ’til tonight…so as you can see, the pressed-for-time thing, yes: I has it too.

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