Nothing Up My Sleeve, Ladies And Gentlemen…

Holy cats, take a look at THIS!

Now that’s the biggest magic trick I’ve ever seen!

And so the time of miraculous celestial events continues…twenty years and counting…Jesus, what if it just keeps going like this?  Science fiction writers are not going to be able to type fast enough to keep up.

You’re welcome.


3 responses to “Nothing Up My Sleeve, Ladies And Gentlemen…

  1. You should see what I’m going to do next. It will involve Venus and a whole lot of baking soda.

  2. And here I thought quantum teleportation at a distance of ten miles being achieved was the strangest thing I’d read about this evening. Huh! Really though, having watched the movie 2010 seven or eight times over the years helps me take this sort of thing in stride — wait a minute, what year is it now? Holy crap!

  3. Yeah. And somewhere you know Larry Niven’s rushing for his typewriter…

    And Harvey: my God, you just described how I spent last Saturday! If it’s the same trick, I do not want to see it, I kept my eyes closed for a reason, damn you…

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