We Interrupt This Space Program…

…For an important commercial announcement.  Here’s Noah B. interviewing me (what a strange choice!) about music and copyright and things like that.

On the bottom of the page, the link should go here, by the way.  If, you know, one is inclined to listen to first drafts of lo-fi recordings.

That page’ll get better as things go along though, promise.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming!  Uh, in like an hour or two…


2 responses to “We Interrupt This Space Program…

  1. Kind, kind words! Clearly we’re going to have to rediscover a lot of the old lo-fi tricks, closing the door on the drummer, recording in the bathtub, stuff like that, before we can get it out of “my God this sounds rough” territory…but the interview was coming up, and I suddenly realized it was press, so it was time to go off half-cocked.

    I think you’ll like the rest of it, RAB — gonna try to get “Nova” up as soon as possible, but the rest will probably take a week to finish, everybody’s swamped with work here…and I guess the extra goodies will come around the same time, maybe more like Sunday, I just don’t know but I hope we can make them relatively enticing. Art, liner notes, a blog, a podcast, photos, that sort of thing…and a PayPal button of course, but we’ve got to have something worth your hard-earned two bucks first, I think…

    It’s a fairly exciting experiment, actually! I swear to God I’ve got the butterflies. But then it’s like the stuntmen say: if you don’t have the butterflies, don’t do the stunt.

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