You Become The Hero Of Your Own Story

Man Among Men


5 responses to “You Become The Hero Of Your Own Story

  1. Here’s a tip on how the pros do it: after creating a batch of strips, instead of posting them all at once in rapid succession you release them slowly, one by one, say one a day or two a week or something like that. Keep this going until folks like me and the Fortress Keeper are all like “Man, this guy is smoking us with his work ethic and steady application of effort! We’d better raise or game and start producing as regularly as he does or he’ll win this thing! Wait, this was a competition, right?” And you’d be all like “I’m sorry, were you saying something? Only, Kate Beaton just made the most delightful witticism about Mackenzie Bowell at our meeting of comics geniuses…I’d repeat it, but it hinges on an oddity about the funding of Catholic schools in Manitoba…” And you’d trail off pityingly, not wishing to embarrass us further, and we’d mutter something under our breath.

    • That baffles me. If the United States had ever had a President named John Quincy Buttocks or William Henry Sphincter, I promise you that man would be the hero of every American schoolboy.

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