The Plot Thickens

I Have Questions


11 responses to “The Plot Thickens

  1. Yeah, it’s not as clear. Just wanted to have an evil rabbit priest up to no good. Possibly screwed up the perspective-stuff too.

    Would it have been better if the title was in quotes?

  2. Oh, the rabbit’s evil? I thought he was finding all this stuff for the first time. I thought the crow head was the… villain?… of the piece.

    Quotes around the title wouldn’t have helped me.

  3. I hesitate to ask this, as stereotypical a question as it is. But, these comic strips you’re doing… are they linked? Are the three guys in “The Pact” going to have to fight the ERP in “The Plot Thickens”? In short, I’m asking if there’s…


  4. (flicks speck of dust from the irreproachable Mechlin lace at his cuffs)

    Oh…sorry, Matthew, I’m afraid I became ostentatiously distracted there for a minute…

    …You were saying?

  5. I was just saying that I have obviously exiled myself from polite society, and in order to spare my family any scandal, I’m emigrating to South America to become a planter.

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