Where You And I Will Be Spending The Rest Of Our Lives

Hola, Bloggers.  Just wanted you to know what was coming up in the next two weeks or so, here on “A Trout In The Milk”…and, “TBH” (as the Brits say) wanted to make sure I remembered it all myself…

So here’s what’s in the pipeline:

1Indiana Jones and the Comforters of Job:  or as you might call it, “House” 101.

2. Sex, Psychedelics, and the Single Superhero:  BIFF!  BAM!  Classics Illustrated presents the works of D.H. Lawrence, now with extra fannish genital-strapping.

3. Im In Yur Wheelhouse, Reding Yur Seaguy:  a response to Sean Witzke, four months late.

4. I’m Bruce The Shark, Dig-A-Lig-A-Lig-A-Lark:  “Jaws” as the first great SF comedy movie. And this will be a MEME, people…!

5. “You Can’t Script This!”:  in which Plok gets PLONED, DUDE…!

And further on into the fall, these titles too:

Forgotten Comics:  Fantastic Four

The Importance Of Being Victor Borge

Death Wish For QWERTY

The People You Fleece In Dreams

…And a couple I can’t reveal just yet, but I hope to have it all done by January, in time to clear the decks for whatever new obsession Panel Madness is bound to mutate into this February.  Sean W. will tell you I’ve been beating my brains out about what it should be…forgetting that the last time it all came in as pure starlit inspiration, and so it’ll have to come in that way again this time around, if it’s to work as well as the last one did.

In other words, you can’t force it!

But now, folks…I left three posts out, of all that list.  Two ought to be obvious for people who’ve been reading along for six months or so…and one is newer, but obvious if you just think about it.

First one to name all three gets RAB’s home address for purposes of Hallowe’en pranking!

Or, if RAB gets it first…he gets to pick one of YOU for the same thing!

Oh, let a hundred flowers bloom.

(And by the way, I just want to point out:  over on Geoff’s blog, Andy the Fourth World reviewer may’ve said some things I don’t agree with, but you know what else he said?  That “The Pact!” was awesome.

I got really excited about that.  Because often we’re all coming from different places, different perspectives (maaaan):  but it cheered me immensely when he said “I care about Izaya now!”, and with the “Darkseid Thing” looming, I just wanted to acknowledge his great reading of that crucial story.  I think Kirby would’ve been pleased to see that even if everything else in his saga lost affect over the years, that story’s still got the power to move people.  Because that was a really personal one, eh?

That, and “The Death-Wish Of Terrible Turpin!”

…And while I’m here I’d also like to say what no one else seems to be saying, and God knows why they aren’t (WHAT THE HELL!?!):  that David Aja’s MAGNIFICENT story in Daredevil #500 has a wonderful callback to Krigstein’s “Master Race” in it.  I think that guy reads his Eddie Campbell.  Honestly I truly and sincerely could GIVE A FUCK about Matt Murdock: “Daredevil” at this point…I am not interested in reading any more Miller-derived DD stories EVER.  Just don’t care about ’em.  No Kingpin story is ever going to match “there is no corpse”, in words or pictures…no story of DD going through the belly of the beast is ever going to touch Mazzucchelli.  It’s honestly time to move on.  It is.

Except I LOVE!!! David Aja’s work, there.  And if you see what I mean, it makes me not give a shit about the story.  The story could just be random typings.  I don’t disparage Ann Nocenti, she was my very favourite Assistant Editor for God’s sake, I wanted her to move up to full-on scripting…but in terms of old tired mood, old tired atmosphere, old tired post-Miller DD…I think Aja shows the way, and the script could easily just be “jkjlthbgfkktessweh…kklenxbatyejfndfi…!!!”.  And if it’s going to be done, then bloody well DO it.  This is Marvel’s “Batman And Robin”, and it has a nice awareness of influence…and now it’s over, which is a shame.

…But oh Lord, how I do go on.)


3 responses to “Where You And I Will Be Spending The Rest Of Our Lives

  1. I mean I seriously didn’t see anyone — not Jog, for heaven’s sake! — acknowledge the Krigstein homage in there. Internet, what up wit dat? It was the same page everybody scanned in, the same page everybody thought was so great. And it was “Master Race”, but no one said so. I don’t get it. Did I just miss the part where everyone remarked on that?

  2. TBH (not sure I actually do say that, TBH), I’m not sure I ever had a favourite Assistant Editor. There was a brief period (83? 84?) when they had a certain fame level – Assistant Editor Month and a sporadically funny issue of What If? had something to do with it – but to me the symbolised the failings of Marvel in later years. Editorship was the career path of the aspiring writer. You did your AE stint, then you got made editor, then you appointed one of your fellow former-AEs as writer on your title.

    That crop of AEs (Nocenti was one who I read but remember nothing about, which isn’t a good sign) were undistinguished in the main, their totem being Bob Harras, whose E-i-C-ship was notable mainly for its disasters. He cut the Gordion Knot of the Clone Saga by making one of its main characters a mind-altering mutant, which didn’t so much tie up loose ends as pulverise them and lay over a course of tarmac.

    Harras writing on the Avengers was surprisingly OK, but never inspiring, and that was the problem with the AEs. They’d all been through editorial apprenticeships. Mostly, they thought like editors first and writers afterwards. Which was pretty bad, I thought, but worse was the opportunity cost. By making Marvel into an editor/writer culture, they excluded writers who don’t have an editorial bone in their body. Which turned out not so well in the end.

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