I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before

Couldn’t hear whatever the sound track was, on this computer.  Don’t really care, though!

Pretty goddamn amazing.

Anyone familiar with this already?


8 responses to “I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before

  1. I’ve seen other examples of sand animation before, but Ms. Simonova is probably one of the most accomplished practitioners of it ever.

    Other than the virtuoso performance, it’s interesting how she’s calculated the content to tug on the heartstrings, as you can see from the audience response. She’s hitting every note in modern Ukrainian national mythology; imagine her counterpart in America telling the story of 9/11 in sand painting and wrapping it up with a firefighter standing at Ground Zero. I’m not sure if the sailor in the window at the end is meant to be a survivor returning to his family at the end of WWII, or the ghost of a sailor being seen (mourned) by his widow and their son, or if it makes any difference.

  2. It’s opera, it’s comics, and it’s its own thing too. I’m reminded of the juggler-drummer guy who did all the juggling tricks for Forrest Gump. Sui generis.

  3. I think her handwriting at the end says “You’re always by our side.” Given that and the war memorial scene before it, I’m guessing he didn’t make it. I loved the way she added in the baby after the soldier and his wife. Pure drama.

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