I’m Rick Veitch, Bitch!

Everybody’s reading this, right?

You can find my old buddy Jesse Reklaw on the sidebar under Slow Wave, and of course there’s Jim Woodring, the local god of this place — pour out a couple drops for him, won’t you? — but Rick V. is so gifted at slapping up dreamstuff, we should all be reading him, I mean oh God listen to me, like I need to tell you guys about Rick Veitch.  Army@Love is awesome, by the way…

Okay, if you read nothing else, it should be the strip where Alan Moore finds Rick a river-demon to get high off of.  Honestly, I believe he dreamed that.

And I’m envious…

…Because for myself, in my life I’ve hardly ever done a thing that was a decent piece of drawing.  Just once or twice, that’s all.  But I do have probably more than my fair share of coherent story-type dreams, and their driving forces are very difficult to capture in words, it’s a real challenge, and sometimes I have to collapse their dreaminess a LOT more than I would if I could draw.

But of course Rick can’t just draw…he’s one of our very big drawing talents.

Anyway I’m enjoying “Subtleman” so much, I thought I should say it out loud.  And do look for that river-demon one — I swear to God you hear what Alan Moore sounds like in Rick Veitch’s head.

And you know, this post was pretty spontaneous…but I think it’s given me an idea…

On which more later.

Meanwhile, Happy Summer!


4 responses to “I’m Rick Veitch, Bitch!

  1. Veitch’s dream-comics are astonishing. I picked up Rabid Eye, the first Rare Bit Fiends volume, in the remainders section of my local comic shop and was just blown away. My favourites tend to be the dreams involving Dave Sim – the dream he did with backgrounds by Gerhard (because in the dream everything looked like it was drawn by Gerhard) is one of my very favourite short comics pieces ever.

  2. Off topic: Last night my wife and I were initiating our six-year-old son into the mysteries of The Empire Strikes Back, and a thought struck me partway through.

    After the Rebels bug out from Hoth, a big chunk of the movie is about the wacky adventures of the Millennium Falcon and its journey from Hoth to Bespin. Its crew is Han, Leia, Chewbacca and Threepio. And I started thinking… “Okay, Chewie is Ben; that’s easy. Is Leia Sue, or am I thinking about it too superficially? Threepio is more like Reed than he’s like anyone else, which makes Han Johnny. Maybe Leia should be Johnny…” Or do you think there’s anything there?

  3. Ha! What an idea!

    Han is Ben, though. Grumpy, skeptical pilot.

    Outside of that, it depends what era FF you’re talking about. In 1961 I think Sue would have to be Threepio, the hysteric. Johnny’s Chewbacca, just there to make noise.

    Reed’s Leia.


    Leia’s always kind of up Han’s ass about every little thing…while he persists in being overly optimistic about his own skill. So maybe that makes Leia Ben, and Han Reed? But this seems not quite as good as Han refusing to fly, despite Reed’s pleas, until an irritating comment from Sue/Threepio pisses him off. That’s FF #1, and something very like Star Wars too, I think.

    Oh man, I feel like I just had my first Geek Coffee of the day!

  4. The discovery Rick Veitch was partly responsible for bringing Sentry to the world made me very sad. Oh, his version would have been very different, and certainly the unceremonious nature of his ousting from the project goes some way to balancing any karmic debt he may have incurred…but still, he made the decision to team up with Jenkins in the first place, and that led to perhaps the second worst comics I’ve ever read in my life.

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