Countdown To Creamed Corn

…And some other stuff that’s been waiting on deck for quite a while now.

Like:  a review of Alex Sheikman’s new Robotika

And that goddam Batman movie review.  Jesus, how long ago was that?  Who even remembers that now?  What the hell have I been doing all this time, anyway?  I’m turning into one of those absentee bloggers, it’s horrifyin’.  But I thought of a damn good title for something today, the new record’s almost finished, and the Vancouver Canucks are stinking out the joint so far in their playoff run.  Well, as a friend of my Dad’s used to say, once one thing starts moving, so does everything else.  I think I may even have a post coming on a bit of opera.

By the way, how did Dollhouse end, anybody know?  I don’t really see how spoilers could be an issue, at this point…


3 responses to “Countdown To Creamed Corn

  1. Dollhouse’s ending sort of mirrored the season itself. It was both extremely lame and extremely awesome … sometimes within the same moment.

    Anyway … Alpha kidnapped Echo and downloaded about 30 personalities into our heroine to make the ultimate Echo … i.e. Echo “Omega.”

    She then hit him on the head with a pipe … which was the best scene in the episode. There was then a whole bit where Alpha downloaded the Caroline personality into another woman and killed her to punish Echo and a girl power speech that was kind of stupid which led up to the climactic ending where … Alpha escaped, Echo was brought back to the Dollhouse and wiped, the F.B.I. guy agreed to work for the Dollhouse and Mellie(?) was freed from the terms of her contract.

    And Amy Acker’s character turned out to be a doll.

    Make sense?

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