I Want You To Come On, Come On Down, Sweet Virginia

…I want you to come on, honeychild, I beg of you…


My friend died.

I wish you’d met her, friends of mine. She was like me, only smarter and with a much more heartwrenching turn of phrase. She was a poet.

Today I gave her a eulogy.

…A tin-painted roof, buried under a thousand pounds of rain. The whole world smudged-out, and turned into the bottom of the ocean. I wouldn’t’ve survived this, if it wasn’t for you guys. And she would’ve been pissed, if I died. So you’ve got my girl’s thanks.

It’s better than my thanks, too; because my thanks doesn’t come with “accidentally” dropped angel-feathers, that a person could pick up.

Got your reds, you’ve got your greens and blues.

Goodnight, darling girl of mine. I think you’ve turned into the biggest constellation in the sky, today. Man, just take a look.

You’re really something.

See you again, one time soon.


11 responses to “I Want You To Come On, Come On Down, Sweet Virginia

  1. She sounds like an amazing person. I’m glad you two had each other in your lives. I’m sorry for your loss.

  2. Sorry that I missed the afternoon event and your eulogy but it was good to see you later at the celebration of her. And to find out about your blog. And I agree with her — more of everything please.

  3. It’s hard when someone is there, and then suddenly they are not.

    Deepest condolences, so truly sorry for your loss. So many ways to say it. I’m sure your words were more than up to it.

  4. Thank you very much for your kind sentiments, folks…they’re definitely appreciated.

    Normal posting will resume at the same time my regular correspondences do, which is to say: probably tomorrow.

    ‘Til then, then. And now for the old bed-and-improving-book routine…

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