Survivors Ready?

And a more insipid non-phrase never existed, I’m sure.  But okay, those of you who were foolish enough to answer the question of the last post…

Any of you got a one-hour TV pilot for any of those characters in ya?

We will not start immediately.  Uh…

“Wait for my go”?

Good Christ, the man sounds like he’s been hit in the head with a shovel, doesn’t he?  Wait for my go.  I would correct a four-year-old if he said that.  It’s like saying “I’m going to sour cream my potato”, or “the bed pissed itself”, or “I am kind of a little bit of an idiot” or “please do not let me reproduce”.  Hmm, no problem there, I perceive, Jeff…

Okay, let’s try it on.  It’ll be fun.  Personally I’m expecting Sean to do something really strange.  Ice Cube in Squigglevision, talking to Paula Poundstone?  Who knows.  And then David will hopefully make a pitch for a show about a Frank Quitely drawing, YEAH!!!!

Come on, these are good.  I mean:  Chester Williams?  Ambush Bug?  Concrete?

Is anyone else amazed that there never was a one-hour TV pilot for Concrete?

Oh come on, let’s try it.  I’ll start.

That is…tomorrow.

Anyone else who wants to chime in on an Identifier character, please do so either here or on the last post.  Somewhere inside twenty-four hours, we begin!

Then twenty-four hours later we can pretend to be TV executives, and think up crap shows to replace them with.

Hey!  It’ll be just like Survivor.  A race to the bottom.

And I ain’t talking about the contestants.


4 responses to “Survivors Ready?

  1. That would be hard.

    I don’t think I know enough about how TV works to do this. I’m really behind.

    Side note: I was giving blood the other day, and they were playing DVDs of THE OFFICE, and it was really it’s own thing, and really funny. Are there other TV shows that are that good?

  2. I just wrote mine, and I’m all set to post it. I hope I get immunity, cuz I think Sea of Green & Johnathan Burns have an alliance and I really want to make it to the final four.

  3. Okay, lemme just work mine up, and we’ll get started.

    And Mark: it’s easy, you just think of a story you’d like to see on TV. In fact, if I may make a suggestion…I think there’s even some televisual precedence for an “Ambush Bug Destroys The DC Universe!” kind of show, where he just wanders around explaining the current state of affairs. A good marketing gimmick for today’s DC: instead of having everybody camp it up in the fabulous Adam West style, just concentrate that irreverence in the focal character…and as you go, tease what’s happening in the DCU. You could consider it a TV equivalent of “DC Universe #0”, only more funny and more fun.

    Also: hey, was it the English OFFICE, or the American one? There are definitely other shows that are that good out there — some even better. And the beauty of it all is, you can rent them all from the video store, for about three bucks a week. So who needs TV?

    Of course I don’t know what you’ve seen. Did you see Extras? 30 Rock? Arrested Development? Wow, what post-fodder you provide: “Help MarkAndrew Rent Good TV Shows”…

    We will get back to this!!

  4. I may not be able to get to this until tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon (CDT), but rest assured, my brain is aflame with notions. Notions!!

    Also: *Everybody* should watch 30 Rock. If the question had been “What TV character do you most identify with?” I would be hard pressed to find a better match than Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon.

    Also also: “I am kind of a little bit of an idiot” is not too far off from something I would say. I am a Midwesterner, and we tend to be noncommittal in our language (to prove this point, I almost put “somewhat” before “noncommittal”). We hem and we haw and we put endless awkward qualifiers in; we are terrified of offending anyone, I suppose. The first draft of anything I write is jam-packed with words like “rather” and “kind of”, which I must then purge with the cleansing fire of editing.

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