I watched the opening, then switched to hockey — came back for the ending.

Here’s the problem.

I don’t give a damn about the “missions”. Really, really, really. Because I know that whatever mission it happens to be, it’s going to be nothing but a mirror of Echo’s situation in the Dollhouse, and yet another opportunity for Langdon to get attached to her. And these things have already gotten as interesting, probably as they’re ever going to be. The dire warnings about how they shouldn’t be using Echo (they really shouldn’t) have been made; the extralegal nature of the Dollhouse’s activities have been, if not explained, at least covered. The FBI guy — who I don’t care about at all — is well-established by this point as being on the case like a bloodhound. The end-of-episode “remembering” has been done. There is no point here that needs to be driven home any harder than it already has been, and in fact I didn’t watch any more than I did last night for that very reason. Doesn’t matter how elegantly it’s done, I don’t need to have the theme sketched out for me anymore. “This is our theme. This is our theme. This is our theme. This is our theme.” Yes, I know. And it’s a not-too-bad one, I’ve gotta admit.

But where’s the story, that it belongs to?

Next episode:  the fabled Sixth.

So here’s hoping!  Although at this point, for me anyway, it feels a lot like hoping against hope.

Man that did not take long, eh?  What happened.


3 responses to “Dullhouse

  1. So…the Long-Awaited Episode Six hit. The episode that would allegedly save or doom the series.


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