The Opinion Of The Masses

…Oh, hi there.

Say, Bloggers, I wonder if you could help me out.  I have a friend who’s a collector, and he writes via (sloppy) email:

“I have found a few things that i have NO idea about. Stacks of “captain marvel comics” and other things. I can find no reference to these damn things anywhere i look…only captain marvel adventures and other titles. These are 2nd and 3rd printings dated 1944 and basically 1-10 or something like that. They are printed on non glossy,pulp style paper and seem clearly printed in canada.

There is another one in the same style called three aces…i cant even find a mention of this comic anywhere yet it is a golden age superhero book….sign me…confused.”

Can you help out my friend here?  I thought I’d just put it right out to you guys right away…his Dad was into collecting comics way back when, he’s got a ton of old comics I never heard of before…and probably some he’s never heard of either.

Any assistance appreciated!

…And in other blogging news, I am hard at work on a post that I hope will provide a payoff to just about everything I’ve written since “The Reader As Superposition”.

It’s my review of “The Dark Knight”.

So look for me where the roads cross!  And thanks in advance.

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