Too Many Notes

Okay, now this is getting ridiculous.  How long has it been this way?  Is it my imagination, or is it really, really, really getting worse?  I speak, of course, of Saturday Night Live’s creeping musical-break-ism…now I’m a mild-mannered fellow, honestly, and I understand that actors need time to change their wigs…but fucking seriously, this one was insane.

Like, just fill the extra time up with more commercials or something, PLEASE.  I’m begging you;  at least have the courtesy to give me NOT-SHOW, when you don’t have any show for me to watch.  This whole SNL interstitial music problem has been going on for decades now, but never before have I found myself wondering if…is it possible?

Am I primarily tuning in to watch that asshole with the saxophone?

I’m sure he’s a very nice guy.  Probably quite happy in his work.  But the G.E. Smith years were not as bad as this (!), simply put there is now FAR TOO MUCH BAND on this show.

Maybe for some reason tonight was exceptional?  Maybe they were just plain short on skit?  I don’t know, I could be wrong, but that was harsh.  Just harsh.  Those were all like thirty-second outros, that is a crazy amount of time to have to deal with someone “jamming” on my TV set.  Most unpleasant.

In other news, because of my pissed-off-ness with the horrific mental torture that listening to this crap is like for me, THE START OF PANEL MADNESS WEEK IS DELAYED UNTIL TOMORROW AFTERNOON, when hopefully I will not want to wrap that goddamn sax around Lorne Michael’s throat.  OUCH.

Too much.

There’s no way I can continue to work now, I need to lie down in a dark room with a damp cloth on my forehead.  I mean they could play some Debussy or something, that would be okay…

Hell, I could play some right now.

Ordinarily when I watch Saturday Night Live I’ve had a couple of beers.  Turns out you really need ’em.

Ahhhh, “Claire De Lune”…I feel more relaxed already…


5 responses to “Too Many Notes

  1. I haven’t watched S.N.L. all that often in years (except for the whole TIna Fey thing – but that’s only because I’ve always thought Fey was/is a hot little cutie – who’s smart AND sexy)…

    But all I can think of is for years I wanted to punch G.E. Smith in the throat.

    Surely, this new breed can’t be as bad as THAT?!?!


  2. Ah, the cut sketch. That makes sense.

    They have really got to watch that! I think they just found the theoretical limit of how much they can cut before I tune out.

    And P-Tor…the only thing missing is G.E. Smith’s face. Everything else is just as it was! I am also beginning to detest the “waving goodbye” stuff, really…I bet they make some of them do that…

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