Sorry about that.  It just occurred to me I shoulda made a bigger fuss.

Ahem, so…

HEAR YE, HEAR YE!  For your delectation, a week’s worth of brave blogging souls have lined up to do a post each day on some particular panel of comics art that grabs them, sways them, swings them around!  Plants a big sloppy one right on their kisser at the barn dance, when Pa ain’t lookin’.

Because we don’t talk about the art enough, damn it.

So follow along, link to link and page to page, and see what crazy lunatic panel-related thoughts my merry band has come up with!  My own humble beginning is located directly below this one…and I am Sunday, because I’m the man who made them all policemen.

David Allison is Monday.

But if you want to know who else is what Day, you’ll have to read along to find out!


Christ, it’s almost Monday already!

See you all there.

13 responses to “Oh, Uh, I Mean…PANEL MADNESS WEEK BEGINS!!

  1. You would not believe the beautiful shape that’s emerging from all this, RAB! I missed the Daily Show to read a draft tonight…and I even think the Daily Show is hitting a new peak right now.

    …Well, of course you would believe it…it’s that typical epiphenomenal coalescent-meaning stuff we all love so well…but I’ll tellya, by golly I’m beginning to think I can cure a rainy day, Jim.

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