According To ComicsBlips…

Out of a group of 150, I’m at 61, and Chris Sims is at 146.

I am not quite understanding that, am you?

I mean they seem to be saying that the closer to #1 you are, the more…

…I don’t know, BORING you are?

You tell me. I don’t understand these linkables at all. It’s for money, I guess?

Christ, to imagine there’s sixty whole people on the Internet who’re more boring than me…!

Clearly, I’ve got to up my game.


22 responses to “According To ComicsBlips…

  1. I’m 125. I can’t understand on what possible scale of comicblogging popularity I could rate higher than Sims, The Hurting or When Fangirls Attack…

  2. Mind you, from what I can see, the people at the top are generally ‘blogs’ that lift stories from other sites. I doubt anyone could have that much free time on their hands to write over 50 new stories a week. So the rankings are very misleading. According to my ‘links’ only one other blog has linked to me for a story – ok then. So, like the bulk of such ranking sites, I’d take what they ‘claim’ very loosely indeed.

  3. Down to 155 now. I guess a review of the latest issue of Batman beats out important news about Dave Simons’s hospitalisation. That’s the world that we live in!

  4. I’m currently sitting at #251, so I’m smoking all of ya!

    I’m not sure whether to be pleased or distressed by that ranking. Well my motto is, “When in doubt, stick with indifferent”.

  5. I’m catching – each day I drop more – I’m down to #156 now. I need to do a story about the latest hack artist and writer creating some ‘event’ comic. Or lift a pile of stuff from other blogs and post them under my own name. That’ll boost me right up.

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