Elizabeth Pena

After giving all due consideration to the “20 Actresses” meme…

My answer is ELIZABETH PENA.

I can’t do lists. Once I start, I can’t stop.

But I’ve reviewed all the answers very carefully…I’ve been far and wide ‘cross the web…

And nobody mentioned my Elizabeth.

Internet, I am going to consider it, as my old Chemistry teacher used to say, “just a mistake”. Hey, everybody makes mistakes.

But, gosh! I shouldn’t have to say it, should I? I mean what if I hadn’t been watching? It might’ve slipped right by you.

So I forgive you this time.


2 responses to “Elizabeth Pena

  1. I know I was an admirer of hers before Shannon’s Deal — because I remember being so pleased to see her again in that — but looking over her prior credits I can’t figure out what I would have been remembering her from. Surely not Times Square?

  2. Likely so…I’d seen her in things on occasion, but before Shannon’s Deal never thought to say “hey, it’s that girl!” Then it all sort of retroactively assembled itself in my head.

    How can someone be in so damn many movies and TV shows, and still be so shamefully underrated? I’d see anything with her in it now.

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