Attention All “Panel Madness” Participants!!!!

NAGGING is about to commence.

I require all your entries/excuses in by this next Sunday…I’m willing to extend the demonstration-time until March 1st, but I would prefer not to. I would prefer the series begins, at the latest, on the bullshit holiday of February 14th…

Because that would represent our love of comics…

But even if that doesn’t work out, still:  you’ve got one week to email me what you’re going to do…one week to decide for good, with no take-backs, what your most alluring image is.

And if you promise to get to it…well then I will too.

And you’ll be hearing from me — oh, you’ll be hearing from me, Alice!  You’ll hear from me!  You’ll hear! — in the next two days.

God it’s fun pretending to be a hard-ass!  Play along with me, won’t you?


6 responses to “Attention All “Panel Madness” Participants!!!!

  1. Ah! Sorry, Sean, your comment got lost in the spam queue for some reason.

    And man, it’s been a long time since I heard that…


  2. Yep, am beginning work on it this weekend – been a busy week with the Dave Simons thing taking up a lot of time and the heat making it near impossible to do any work. I have my images all set out, including the one image that sums up an entire career, in my eyes.

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