They Also Serve, Who Only Sit Around And Link

Christmastime, Bloggers; and the snow is falling on the ground.

With a couple of consequences: my present-buying and foolish-spending money will not arrive on the streets of Vancouver until the 29th, also I’ve been shovelling snow and probably will not do the old annual Christmas Eve sit-around-and-drink thing with the Usual Gang Of Idiots I laughingly call friends…and believe me, if you knew them that’s what you’d laughingly call them as well.

But surprisingly, as it turns out…this will all be fine. Two very strange parties I attended recently, and the peculiar realization that nothing can be done about my finances in the short term, have left me thinking that maybe having no dough for Christmas is a good thing overall. No running around for me! My father’s learning how to be laid up in bed, my brother’s away on a skiing trip, and I’m considering that as lowdown as The Year Without A Christmas feels when you’re twenty, once you get past forty it’s a positive relief. So: pencils for everyone! You can write with ’em, you can sharpen ’em up…hey, they’re terrific! And one size fits all! The perfect gift.

Though not quite as nice as this: Nina’s rather fascinating year-end Q-and-A post over at Virgin Reads, which is as appealing a comics-related diary entry as any I’ve read…also in six words she manages to make me jealous of Tucker! “They interest him. He interests me.” We should all be so lucky.

Very much looking forward to the Virgin’s 2009 output! And I liked this column a lot before, you know…but now I feel even more perked-up for it. A wonderful experiment.

Also on my unChristmas list:

Rick Veitch demonstrates the fact that I was not nearly as talented a kid as everybody kept telling me…I KNEW it! Those liars…

But of course it could be worse: I could be RAB, and have gone quietly, utterly mad while no one was looking…

Also, David tees it up again, Tom Spurgeon conducts one goddamn long interview with Tucker, I had no idea that this even existed, and I should really start linking to stuff that nobody’s seen a million times already, shouldn’t I? I mean I feel like I’m sneaking food from other people’s lunchboxes here…okay fine, you asked for it, man I cannot BELIEVE I bought this comic…the strangest of letdowns, the moment when two equally-geeky parts of my brain met and cancelled each other out…a staggering thing, like eating a peanut-butter-and-mayonnaise sandwich with slices of tomato in it and lots of pepper…

Which is what you eventually end up with, when you make too much of a habit sneaking food from other people’s lunchboxes.

You think I’m joking?

Hell, I’m going to go have one right now. You have to eat it sitting down, or you’ll collapse onto the floor in confusion.

A little more posting later, unless I decide to a) do some work, b) read some Little Nemo, or c) read some Little Nemo. Anyway, Merry Christmas, bloggers, if I don’t talk to you before then. For those of you feeling not quite as adventurous as I, here’s my mother’s most famous sandwich, the “Cultus Lake Special”: white bread, mayonnaise, red onion, mandarin orange slices, black pepper. She swears by it.

Never actually seen her eat one, mind you…

Oh, and Fred Hembeck linked to this. I like to watch it while eating mayonnaise, myself…

Okay! Just be glad I didn’t link to the hurdy-gurdy festival.


2 responses to “They Also Serve, Who Only Sit Around And Link

  1. What do you mean, “while no one was looking”?

    Say what you will, at least it hasn’t been snowing on my blog for the past three weeks.

  2. No shit, i’d bronze that, probably should. It definitely broke me down though, “he interests me” jumped out of her mouth, heard it and it just blistered it into my brain: i did something right, don’t deserve this, still have it, won’t give it up for nothing.

    weird as hell to be in the wilderness, log online today, see those two interviews up. glad you dug them. thanks man.

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