A Mighty Long Walk For A Cup Of Coffee

Hola, Bloggers — I’ve been interviewed!  By the Mindless Ones (well, who else would be so foolish as to interview little ol’ longwinded me?), and strangely we didn’t talk about what I originally thought we were going to talk about at all!

Very enjoyable experience;  I think my ego grew three sizes this day.

So if you’ve got a few hours to kill and a bit of a masochistic streak, go read it, and while you’re at it the interview with Andrew Hickey’s quite interesting, so I’ll recommend that too.

I’m going to be hosting these Mindless Ones myself, for an interview that hopefully will be up before too long…just as soon as I can think of some questions to ask them that don’t simply consist of me parroting what they asked…and there’s that whole Christmas and New Year’s thing as well, I suppose.  So it’s complicated.  On the other hand I’m pretty much locked indoors by a raging snowstorm, so I’ve got some time to kill…

6 responses to “A Mighty Long Walk For A Cup Of Coffee

  1. Congratulations, brother, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person! I for one could quite happily read a blog that was nothing but dialogue between yourself and Beast…if I had enough hours in the day to read such a thing, that is.

  2. Great interview, I really enjoyed reading it!

    To respond to a couple of your points:

    Just so you know, I have no blog. So there’s at least one blog-free reader (and no, I do not feel excluded when you address your audience as “bloggers”).

    I haven’t been too thrilled with super-hero comics lately. Sure, I enjoy Captain America, Daredevil, Action Comics (Johns on Superman, and I like it? It must be two negatives cancelling each other out or something), and a (very) few others, but nothing has made me say “wow!” I think that childhood wow-ness is what we’re all still after, and Skrulls aren’t bringing it. I can’t be bothered to pick up a lot of what’s released because very little stands out.

    On the other hand, I’m nine volumes deep into Fables, and I can’t wait to buy vols. 10 & 11. I just finished buying those Love & Rockets reprints, and I want to rush out and get more Hernandez comics. Casanova is amazing. So, it’s not all bad news.

    I have a wife and two kids, a mortgage, a career… and I haven’t felt as grown up as I do realizing that I just don’t care what the X-Men are up to. Is that laughable, sad, or laughably sad?

  3. Great job, plok! You pretty much summed up my feelings about the Big Two, but in a way that is far more imaginative and thought-provoking.

    Between the Mindless Ones and Journalista, you’re quite the celebrity these days!


  4. Mike: possibly, sadly laughable? I dunno, I think I might have to take another ten-year break from the X-Men, see what changes that can bring…

    RAB: well, I can’t seem to stop leaving HUGE comments on that interview post, so you may get your wish! By the time I’m done there may be no Mindless Ones…or, everybody will be a Mindless One…

    Keeper, I got so much ridiculous traffic the last week, it was really quite daunting. I had to postpone two posts that were next up, because I thought “oh crap, it’s like when Queen Victoria made Lewis Carroll send her a copy of his next book, and it was a mathematical treatise…” Then I realized: yeah, that’s pretty much me in a nutshell…better just post ’em…

    Maybe tomorrow! Can’t believe I’m seriously thinking about posting on Christmas Eve…

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