Blogorama In Lockdown

Shit, they are really dogpiling on the critical voices over there these days, eh?  Like, somehow the bar you have to get over to be considered a troll has come way down, apparently.

So what do you think, should they just go ahead and post a comment policy and a FAQ?  Have things gotten that bad, yet?

I was going to write quite a bit more about this, but I’ve decided to hold off for another week or so, and see if they calm down.  I think that would be great, if they did.


15 responses to “Blogorama In Lockdown

  1. I’m not finding the content all that worthwhile these days anyway … but yeah I read some post where Matthew Brady jumped all over a guy for saying they liked the old staff better.

    Not an inviting environment, which you’d think kinda runs against what you’d want to do after revamping a Web site. Oh well, not my problem I guess …

  2. Nor mine, really…except the hypocrisy of it bugs me. Today was a controversial one, something like: “Best Of lists that have only “art-house” comics on them and no superheroes are pretentious and elitist”, or something…I mean, gross, but if you want a controversial post, that’s a good card to play…but then it was all whoa, whoa! You people are being really harsh about this! And they weren’t. Tucker went in there to comment, and basically it was like “best defence is a good offence, we’ve got to take this guy down, TAG TEAM!!!”

    And I was thinking of how you run a restaurant, you know? So sometimes people complain about food and/or service and that’s a good thing for the restauranteur, because it means a chance to save a customer, instead of just having them walk out without saying a word, and never come back. But if you try to shut them up or shame them or somehow blame them for your own blundering it’s going to be worse, because they’re going to walk out of there hating your guts. Today it was like “I’ll let you off this time because it was my mistake, but watch your attitude in future!” It’s like being the Soup Nazi when your soup sucks.

  3. But really it’s not a mystery, right? Blogorama is going to have a tone that’s more integrated with its host, and that’s what it means, and that’s why the people who talk to new Blogorama as they did to old Blogorama are going to have the shit kicked out of them. The insiders who troll and bash each other just as they do on the forums probably won’t get too much of a wrist-slapping, because they won’t be seen as being “negative” towards the relaunch. That’s what the central thing here is: this restaurant’s changed what it serves. Say it’s changed from selling hamburgers to selling grilled-cheese sandwiches. The sign still says “hamburgers”. People come in and say of their grilled cheese “well, it’s not a very good hamburger”. And then other people show up and shout at them that IT IS TOO, because for some reason they don’t want to say “actually we just serve grilled cheese now”. It might be very fine grilled cheese! But they keep making out like it’s hamburger.

    That’s what I figure is going on there.

  4. Maybe they know that they kind of screwed the pooch by driving out the old crew, replacing them with people not as good, and don’t even want to admit it to themselves.

    Is it just me or is it snowing in here?

  5. Ah…found it.

    Yes, Matt Brady and Troy Brownfield and Lucas Siegel are more than willing to take you for an elevator ride if they think you’re being “insulting”, it seems.

    I think they’re not aware of the impression they’re creating.

    And really, Jack Nicholson snubbed by the Oscars for his Joker performance? For the love of God, who believes that.

  6. As far as Newsarama is concerned, I think you’re right about the “cheese” aspect and it ain’t very good.

    And my best-of list, should I ever get around to completing it, only has long-underwear representation from All-Star Superman and this year’s issue of Love & Rockets, so I guess I’m snobby and elitist. Me, the guy who owns a near complete run of Marvel Two-In-One.

    And I still haven’t forgiven Matt Brady for dissing Steve Gerber, so I’m not too surprised by his “pervert suit” remark in the Heath Ledger post.

    *Sigh* I should calm down by turning on the snow at my blog ..


    Calm down, Plok…look at the snow…

    Heidi said it very well, I thought: All-Star Superman was a well-made comic, and that’s why it gets the votes. So…it’s a comic about Superman, how strange that liking it should get one called an elitist!

    I may not be able to wait a week, with these guys. Imagine inviting comments from people only so you can tell them to STFU and get out of your house. It is NOT RIGHT to put out the welcome mat so you can punch people in the nose for daring to stand on it. These guys have to learn how to communicate. If I were the moderator of that blog it would be THEM I told to settle the fuck down. If, that is, I told anybody to settle down. Which, I probably wouldn’t. Hell, if you’ve got a blog and you have to tell every tenth commenter to fuck off, maybe you’ve got the wrong kind of blog…

  8. OK, the snow does seem to be spreading well outside my monitor now. Southwest Marine is seriously slushy…

    Is there an off switch or something…?

  9. I think the off switch froze and broke off.

    Even my WordPress snow is starting to come down heavier now (which is SO COOL! Wonder what it’ll be like by Christmas?), and the Weather Channel apparently says tomorrow night it’ll be -16. NOT NORMAL! But then we haven’t had a normal winter for a few years now, or so it seems…

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