Stephen Harper Is Incompetent

Oh, not at running against the Liberals.  That, at least, he knows how to do.

But our own Mayor Tommy Shanks doesn’t seem to have a clue how to govern.  He seems to think that governing means “running against the Liberals”.

Can’t have that.

Can’t have that.

There is a perception out there that our man is a cold-blooded Spock-oid managerial technocrat.

Actually, that describes Chretien better than Harper.

And there is some bad economic shit going down out there right now.  And we need someone who’s capable of decisive action, not just someone who emulates a business grad while sitting on his hands and hoping no one finds him out.  I say Stephen Harper is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the Canadian electorate.  Hell, I look as good in a suit as he does, and I’ve got a better haircut to boot, and you don’t see me out there publicly jonesing for that majority government.  This guy sees Government as an opportunity to beat on your rivals, and that’s it.  All he wants is to “win the game” — he’s got no plan.

He’s got no plan.

Do we have so much time, that we can spend it screwing around with Harper trying this and that and some other poison pill?  He was elected to a minority Government:  but the word of the people of Canada doesn’t seem to be enough for him.  He’s got to play silly-ass games with power.  Maybe it’s all he knows how to do.

The hell with it:  let’s have Dion.  At least he’s taken a principled stand on something, once in his life.  Harper never has.  I don’t think Harper ever will.  I don’t think Harper knows what he’s doing, or more to the point:  I don’t think he knows what to do.

He’s our George W. Bush.

We don’t need this guy.  Send him back down to the minors.  He talks a good game, but he never does anything.

Sheesh.  And will a decent excuse for a political party PLEASE STAND UP.

My vote’s for Dion.  So he looks wimpy.  I bet he’s gritty in a fight.  We already know that Harper can’t even tell when he’s in a fight.

Let’s have Dion.

That’s my say.


7 responses to “Stephen Harper Is Incompetent

  1. For Christ’s sake this is an emergency. No time for another costly election: non-confidence and then it’s time for the G-G to step in. That’s all there is to it.

    Harper would choose an election now, you know!!!

    What an idiot. I mean what do you THINK is gonna happen. You’re a MINORITY Government, and the first thing you do in an economic crisis is THREATEN the other parties…Jesus. I really do think this is the only cake he knows how to bake. He’s just not willing to govern from a Minority position. If he had his way we’d have election after election until it came out “right”. What an asshole. He took it to brinksmanship right away. Irresponsible. Grasping, greedy. He needs to go. I didn’t sign on for his ambition. God I hope the other parties vote a confidence motion, because I didn’t think I could have less confidence in this jackass but GUESS WHAT THERE’s A BOTTOM UNDERNEATH THIS BOTTOM.


  2. Or – – – his advisors are finally saying screw it to this minority government business, especially with the economy about to tank in new and creative ways. Force feed them a poison pill. Let the Liberals and the NDP and the treacherous Bloc take the reins and let them flounder wretchedly for a disastrious term, riding the sinking ship straight down.
    You’ll get your solid Conservative majority then, God help us all.
    Just a thought.

  3. Hmm, and a chilling one! But I think there’s a possibility we might be saved from that fate, by a larger cosmic force that Harper is incapable of comprehending:

    The passage of time.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, the generation coming to voting age in Canada now is operating from an entirely different set of assumptions than the old Reagan/Thatcher/Mulroney complex wherein radical Freidmannianism justifies reactionary social policy. Kids today use Korean slang while listening to hip-hop on their way to get Thai food — don’t give a shit if gay people get married or not — believe in global warming — saw Katrina and Iraq on TV.

    Eighteen months can be a long time; sometimes political scripts become obsolete overnight.

    Well, here’s hoping!

  4. I was once a Liberal and have never been a Conservative. I have been forced to become a political agnostic because of the perpetual self-interest that seems to drive all politicians.

    Having said this, I have been happy to see Harper as PM. For once the PM is a regular guy, not from a wealthy family, and having a regular life. He may actually understand how 90% of us live.

    Also, no one knows where the economics of Canada is heading. The prudent approach is to wait and see what actually needs to be stimulated. A headlong plunge into premature spending is going to result in lawyers making more money bringing in foreign workers to carry out the public works projects.

    We have at least 5 months before unemployment is at a level that justifies stimulation. And no, stimulation cannot be preemptive because you need unemployed people before public works are effective.

    Also, why would we give money at this time to GM and Ford and other manufactures when tey have engaged in only minor cutbacks. Obviously they are asking for support because it is politically possible to get it. Frankly, if I could get some money from the government I would be in line also. We need industry to gain efficiency from this slowdown and that will happen if government does not step in. The smaller manufacturers under the political radar who do not get aid, they must become more efficient. I say lay off and see what needs to be done. That is a prudent plan.

    The most effective stimulus at this time would be a capital gains tax exemption. Buying more Real Estate is more attractive if gains are tax exempt.

    Stimulus packages have the risk of spending money without any real gain. Also, the extreme result of stimulus packages are hyper inflation and the devaluation of currency. Have a look at Germany in the 1930’s and most recently Argentina. The US is now at risk of falling into the currency devaluation pitfall. Lets not follow the US down this track.

    Please, lets not turn this Garden of Eden we call Canada into a political war zone. We need calm and confidence not crazy political games that benefit only the rich and powerful or the politically connected.

  5. Antonio, I sympathize. But we can’t do anything about economic instability unless we first have political stability. And Harper has shown he doesn’t know how, or isn’t willing, to work to achieve that.

    So this is all his fault.

    Consider: his first act as the minority Prime Minister was to include a poison pill in his economic policy, that threatened to financially cripple all the other parties.

    I wouldn’t have done it. I daresay you wouldn’t’ve done it.

    Could there ever have been the slightest doubt, in anyone’s mind, that when called for a confidence vote on this for heaven’s sake, that all the other parties would vote it down?

    This is going to shock you, Antonio. But if we went by what he does, instead of what he says, it would seem that Mr. Harper wants to have another election.

    He does not want to govern. Only to manoeuvre. He is, as somebody put it yesterday, “all politics all the time”. He literally does not have the confidence of the House — this isn’t a trick, he doesn’t have it! — and he might have had it, but he didn’t want it, and he’s holding up effective Parliaments because he thinks he’s too good for it.

    The folks I voted for, who got elected — I want them to step in and put a stop to this extreme divisiveness. That’s why I voted for them, so they could act as a check on Harper’s belligerent excesses. This is democracy.

    It is even more important than economics.

    But Mr. Harper’s trying to mix the two up, make one the other!

    Really it’s very simple. Mr. Harper walked into a room full of people whose support he needs to do his job, at a critical time, and told them all he was chopping their wages, and that they could fuck off straight to hell if they didn’t like it.

    Not smart. Not responsible. He’s blown his chance to lead.

    I mean what else is there to say? That he’s a “regular guy”?

    So what?

    I know lots of regular guys. A lot of them talk a good game, but can’t deliver when the crunch comes. They’re not willing to do what needs to be done, because they never think of anybody’s good but their own. We don’t need those guys in Ottawa.

    Harper can’t do his job. If he knew how to do it, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    Give it to someone who knows how to do it!

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