Some Things You Don’t Even Really Need To Think About

This is one of them.


7 responses to “Some Things You Don’t Even Really Need To Think About

  1. Oh, that’s just purely wicked.

    Sean, we should set up an “awesome picture clearing house blog”, you know? Sorta like WFA, only just about the pictures. If it were just you and me to start it, we wouldn’t have to worry about anyone getting off-message to begin with, and then the crew could come along, and we could have a weekly podcast about what we all think is the coolest fucking art motherfucker!!!

    Man, I’d download that!

    Okay, the thing to do is, have an email chat once a week. Then we rotate, a different person a week reading out the transcript. I’d use different voices each time.

    Oh, come on. It’s not like it’s a dumb idea! Don’t you want to hear RAB talking like a pirate about Kirby’s “Lord Of Light” designs?

    Or Jared snarling “look, FUCK forearm lengths…”

    Admit it: you know I’m right.

    It would, you have to allow, be a pretty fun game.

  2. If only I had guessed! I’ve been glued to the keyboard for like seven hours, thought I got all this great work done…ai ya. Tomorrow will be triage.

  3. That’s one of my favorite sites … along with Grantstreet Bridge, the Horrors Of It all and Pappy’s Golden Age Blogozine. All three have influenced my recent transformation into obscure comics host.

    Hairy Green Eyeball is also worthwhile, as is Quasar Dragon which chronicles all the free sci/fi and fantasy on the Web.

    All of this has been a great antidote to the general disdain I hold toward contemporary super-hero comics at this minute. In fact, I’m not buying any Big Two titles at all currently …

    And sorry I don’t know how to provide proper links in comments. Each site should be easily found by google though …

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