Countdown On Hold

Hello, Bloggers. I had a post up here, you may have noticed…about the Canadian election…

But, I had to take it down. I’ll put up something else later, I think. But for now…

It’s difficult for me to say precisely why I felt moved to remove it. I guess I’m a little conflicted about this election, now that it’s over. While it was going on, I personally encountered a number of honesty-rich conversations about it, many more than I encountered last time we danced to this tune; it was quite clear in the weeks leading up to Voting Day, as it’s quite clear now, that this was a BIG one. Very big.

I’m still dissatisfied with how it turned out, though. Despite all the honesty.

Of course I’m freakin’ thrilled that Stephen Harper didn’t secure a majority for himself — this, I am sure, would’ve been a disaster for the country. But otherwise, I feel a bit cheated. There were actually quite a few things about this experience, that I am discovering do not sit quite right with me. I’ll probably say something about a few of them in due course. But as something in the nature of preamble, let me just say that I find myself intensely disappointed in the caliber of my punditry this time around. All this game-playing: and I know it’s their job, but I’m a tad miffed at being informed that the guy I just voted for is out, baby, out — his career’s over, apparently. That’s that, done. DONE.

I just voted for him.

Now he’s toast?

When I think of all the people I haven’t voted for over the years, who I’ve actively (at least, as actively as I could) voted against…I note with disapproval their inability to get gone, their stubborn refusal to become that magical thing, toast. And now I sit here faintly disappointed with merely having the country be saved from undoubted ruin…and meanwhile everybody else seems eager to get back to bullshit-as-usual.

It’s aggravating. I just voted for this guy!

So, that’s where the countdown’s going to start from, when it gets back going. This was a very interesting election, in many, many ways. But I can’t help but feel that somewhere around here, the plot’s gotten lost.

So as soon as I find it…I’ll let you know.

Apologies to my one commenter. You may keep the information about the goddamned kitten though, America.

Back soon. Hold my spot.


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