Meme: My Favourite Post

Hola, Bloggers.  Let’s all look deep into the crystal ball for this one.  DEEEE-EEP….

Actually I don’t need to look all that deep.  Though there are many thoughtful, enlightening, and life-affirming posts out there in the time-drenched depths of Blogland, there’s not one that made me laugh my ass off like Olsen The Red.

But, as they say:  your mileage may vary.  Oh, especially since you should probably read this before reading Olsen The Red.  Yes, I forgot about that.  Read it.  Don’t be a clown:  I’m not jerking you around.  Invest the time.

Us folks who’ve been here for more than a year will happily wait.  (Um, more than a year’s enough, right?)

But what about YOU, reader?

What’s YOUR favourite blogpost of all time?

I tag those I know have blogs, to spread the word with:  new correspondent Andrew, our quiescent/futuristic oceanically Tom Swiftian RAB, I would love to know what Scipio’s all-time favourite blogpost is although he is one of (as Harvey once said) the Big Dogs and so may not read — but perhaps my partialness to Red Short-Haired Dachshunds and Two-Face may influence him maybe — see if I can lure David Golding out of hiding to execute one more deft appreciation…nah, he won’t come, but what about our ol’ pal Dave Fiore?  And oh no oh Lord that’s three full-on unlikely ones, we’ll need a powerful blogger to make up that shortfall and who else can it be but our own Fortress Keeper, and then of course Sean, that damn culture-vulture, well if he don’t do it, somebody else will…

And of course no meme can possibly be complete without inviting Fake Stan to weigh in…the most ever-lovin’ egregiously e-pinionated one of all!

I had an easy five close runners-up for this…a couple of whose authors are represented on the tagging list…but let’s face it, Jake blew it into the deep end, and then tackled it in a Kryptonian aqua-headlock and squeezed a mutant O. Henry ending out of it which he then clubbed to death and roasted under a fire under a double sun.  Pure inspiration.

Tag five, O singled-out ones.  This one may yield unanticipated benefits.  I have spoken.  Ya.  I mean Yea.  Or “Yo”…?


See you in the comments!


26 responses to “Meme: My Favourite Post

  1. Marc Singer on the Wire, Chris Sims on the Aparo Batman, Jog on Delany and Chaykin’s Empire or Seven Soldiers, Todd Alcott on the Venture Brothers, Tucker Stone on the X-Men Omnibus (burn that fucker!), Mike Sizemore on writing, and any one of the insanely long comment threads on this site. And maybe when he’s done David Allison on The Filth.

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  3. Oh, man, I can’t. Not because I can’t think of any candidates…but because I can think of far too many. You need to understand what a blog addict I am. Right now I subscribe to well over 200 blog feeds in my RSS reader (not an exaggeration) and the home directory on my computer is loaded with folders full of bookmarks I’ve saved to individual posts I might want to go back and reread. It’s madness. To single out any one post in that collected mass would be like choosing a favorite neuron.

  4. Hah, I thought you were joking!

    And RAB…sadly, on some level I think I kind of knew that. Some efforts only addiction is sufficient to accomplish: I got dizzy just now. 200 RSS feeds. You poor bastard.

    I only managed to make my selection because I was blind drunk, and suddenly Olsen The Red just popped into my head. If I’d had to winnow, I’d’a gone nuts.

    See, Jog on SSoV, that’s one right there…also I wish there was more X-Omnibus stuff, I really do…

  5. I know you didn’t tag me (possibly because of my idiot post yesterday), and this isn’t about comics, but I never pass up an opportunity to tell others about my all-time favorite post written by my friend Bryan Adams in which he attempts to deflect a stalker thinking he’s the OTHER Bryan Adams by posting pictures of himself next to pictures of the OTHER Bryan Adams, in the identical, douchebaggy poses (and as a robotics and AI specialist, replacing any guitars in the photos with his laptop).

    Sadly, he killed his blog a few years ago, so I can’t link to it. But just imagine it and trust me.

  6. Hm. It’s a difficult question to answer. I enjoyed my “Can Wonder Woman Dance?” post, my “Central City” series, and “Dr. Domino Week”.

  7. An amusing reply, Scipio! Those were some of my favorites as well — some others include Predestination Supergirl, the study of the Fictionopolis, and more recently the structure of DC’s 52 universes. How I wanted to see that Fig. as a badge on some time-traveller’s lapel! But oh well, for what might have been…

  8. Overchoice, of course. I offer three eye-openers, just to show how good it gets.

    First there is Pam Noles, When time was things was looking bright
    starting a five-part excursion on Frederick Douglass, the minstrel show and the wasted potential of the Golliwog in The Black Dossier; and wandering into alleys of history I never knew were there.

    Then this thing by John Holbo, which I’d meant to add to the recent Star Trek TNG thread. Why Galaxy Quest matters.
    Some Versions of Mock-Pastoral, Part I

    Lastly, Hitherby’s Rainbow Noir. Now it’s a short story, not quite in the blogging genre, but I’m not sure it could have been published in any other way. As they say, a little kingdom.

  9. Not that I’m given to lashing out praise or anything, but since Gorilla Bananas has turned up here, you can do a lot worse with an hour or two of your time than trawl through the backpages of the Japing Ape.

  10. I’m gonna vote for Plok’s own Crises on Infinite Roys and David’s Filth-in-progress too (which, by way of encouragement, may be the best I am capable of doing for the blogosphere right now!)

    of course–there are literally thousands of great blog posts out there–it’s very hard to choose only a few!


  11. Absolutely no idea what my favourite posts would be. No clue whatsoever. I’m sure I’ve had some, but stap my vitals if I can call any of them to mind.

    But I may be able to help us clarify our thinking. To my mind, blogposts can do any or all of three things. They can inform, they can entertain, they can enlighten.

    A good example of an entertainment blog is probably Chris Sims’s Invincible Super-Blog.

    A good example of an informative blog might be When Fangirls Attack. (List of links = information… and there’s nothing *but* a list of links.)

    A good example of an enlightenment blog might be this one right here.

    I try for enlightenment on my own blog, mostly, although there are some posts and features that are there strictly for information. I certainly don’t object to entertaining people, but I don’t write anything there specifically for that purpose.

    If there’s a triple-threat comics blog out there, it’s probably the Absorbascon. Or Dial B For Blog, in a different way.

    It seems that for this meme, people are thinking of enlightening or entertaining posts. But: a) don’t forget about the informative ones, and b) be careful comparing apples to oranges.

  12. Oops–I thought I’d changed my blog’s setting so that it would take anonymous/name&url comments, but obviously not. That’s been changed now, so feel free to jump in!

    Sean, I’m blushing my face off at the company you’ve (potentially) placed my Filth posts in — there’s still ample scope for me to make a mess of it, so… here’s hoping I don’t do that!

    Anyway, I’ve not been tagged by this, but Sean urged everyone to jump over, so my answer is — David Fiore on Animal Man! That piece was a huge influence on me when it appeared on the web, and it continues to do wonderful things to my brain to this day — thanks Dave!

    Other contenders — Jog and Marc Singer are rediculously good, as has been noted. I’m particularly partial to their pieces on Arkham Asylum, Seven Soldiers and The Wire.

    Sean and Plok — you guys write the two blogs that entertain me the most, but I wouldn’t know where to start wilisting my favourite of your posts…

    Also, for music blogs, Clap Clap on Amerie, and so many posts on both Said the Gramophone and Church of Me.

    That Olsen The Red post kills, and reminds me that I need more humour in my Internet diet.

  13. Well I feel like a schmuck for being so late to the party, but what the hey! Better late than never, right?

    So I assume that you meant my favorite posts by OTHER bloggers, which is a shame because that takes out my top 158 contenders right there. Your Uncle Stanley is going to go for short, sweet, and to the point — my latest favoritest blog (present company excluded, natch) is the Fail Blog over at

    Particularly this one posting, which although short, has all the essential elements that make for a great story: it’s got plot, character development, pathos, a heroe with feet of clay (well flip-flops in this case) and a sense of justice and fair-play, all rolled into about 30 seconds of video! Go here and it may change your life forever. You may even laugh.


  14. …oh, and for what it’s worth (probbably about 50 cents in Doom Bucks), Kurt Shaffenberger is in that rare class of artist that includes Jolly Jack Kirby… in that his pencils were strong enough that not even Vince Colletta’s inks could do them too much harm. Olsen the Red indeed. What will those brash Brand Ecch guys come up with next?


  15. Wow, what a lot of good reading I’ve tricked you all into handing over! And you know what’s weird? Apparently this thing’s spread pretty far.


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