It Can Kick Like A Mule, It’s A Real TEAM MEME…!

Thanks to Sean W, for this one. So let’s show that, y’know, we can love


Hear Ye…!

And maybe in the course of this meme, we’ll find out some of their names! You think, geeky Internet? Maybe we could dig up and spread a little well-deserved recognition here, for these Voice Immortals? Now, I’m going to leave a lot of doors open; I’m not going to sew up all the most famous voice actors at once. So you can thank me for that. But don’t thank me too quick, because here are a couple of rules. So fill in your own preamble, and then cut-and-paste this:

1. Though we hope of course that he enjoys this meme (you think he might really see it?), and we hope for him to gently correct us when we get it wrong (and wouldn’t it be great if we got an anecdote maybe, if we surprise him with someone he hasn’t thought of in years?), no meme participant may tag Mark Evanier! Although you may of course use his blog in your research.

2. This is not a “tag-optional” meme! This is for recognizing and saluting the unsung (though, okay, sung is permitted as well) voice-acting heroes of radio, film, television, and animation! So everybody, I expect you to tag a minimum of two other people! You tagged ones, in your turn, may choose to go easy on your tag-ees, let ’em off the hook for re-tagging…I leave that up to your own filthy consciences. But it would be nice to see this meme get through at least four shells, don’t you think? It would be nice to know some people were using YouTube and Wikipedia and Mark Evanier’s blog, to come up with names. Damn it, I’m so stoked for this one, I think we should keep it going for a year.

3. Everyone participating in this meme must name at least two voice actors, and no more than four.

End cut-and-paste section. Oh, and did I mention you have to Be Clean, Follow Gary, and Teach God’s Laws?

I didn’t?

Well okay then, never mind.

Here are mine:

Ted Knight: what is it about the way that man talks? He kind of just comes at ya, dares you to try being blase. But of course you can’t: it’s like the audio equivalent of being in a really stirring racquetball game. BOOM! Take that! Good Lord! Hah! He could make the world’s silliest sentence sound stentorian, and that, in my opinion, is the genius of the casting in The Mary Tyler Moore Show — Ted Knight as buffoonish anchorman. Somebody was thinking. I mean he never even had to SMILE…

Peter Sellers: I’m gonna do it, before anyone else does it, because a few years ago we took my mother out to a local (and I am not kidding) Goon Show Tribute Show, where after a little hammy warming-up of the audience the players got on stage and re-enacted a Goon Show…in this case it was “Napoleon’s Piano.” And, I didn’t think they could do it. I didn’t understand how it could be attempted. “Who are they going to get to do Peter Sellers’ part?” I remember wondering. “They’ll need, like, fifty people, won’t they? How will they fit them all on stage?” Before the show they played some footage from one of the live Goon Shows, somewhere it looked towards the middle Sixties…the end of the clip was Peter Sellers as a Goony Sybil, just strobing from one voice into the other, holding the stage…finishing off with the voice of Bloodnok apparently being given a lap-dance. Astounding.

Skip Homeier: From the moment I heard him speak on Star Trek, I thought “My God…that’s that guy!” And yet to this day I can’t recall where it was I heard his voice on the radio. Such a compelling voice, too. You’d think I’d remember. According to his online biography, all his radio work was stuff I never heard of, never even knew existed…still don’t know if it really existed, actually. Like looking at the past through the wrong end of a telescope, reading his Wiki. And yet…that voice, man. That is seriously something. Skip Homeier, it may interest you to know, is according to his Internet biography still alive today, in his twenty-eighth year of retirement. God, I hope they don’t have that wrong…I hope someday I may visit a golf course and hear a booming “Fore!”…at which point I will turn and point and exclaim “Melakon is a traitor!”, and just see if anyone arrests him, on pure reflex.

Okay, that’ll do for now. So, let’s get with the tagging!

Sean, naturally.

And RAB.

And Sadie…oops, I mean Evie, of course…

And, what the hell: The Estate Of Tim O’Neil. You never know, he just may have left papers pertaining to such a meme. Poor bastard. But he really had a knack for thinking ahead, didn’t he?

Okay, I reserve the right to viciously tag others if I suddenly realize I forgot to write their names down…but I think we’re okay, actually. Because that’s probably just the caffeine talking.

Now, I go to read The Yiddish Policemen’s Union! Gotta finish it in two days.

And it isn’t a word I’m given to using, Jeeves, but: oy.

Possibly may require more caffeine.

All right, you’ve got your orders, Bloggers…!


12 responses to “It Can Kick Like A Mule, It’s A Real TEAM MEME…!

  1. Maurice LaMarche. The same thing we do every night, Pinky…

    Kevin Conroy. Okay, maybe Batman’s steely bitterness isn’t such a tough trick to pull off, but he also nailed it when he sang ‘Am I Blue?’.

  2. Joyous day, Clone! That man’s voice was truly remarkable. We could use it today.

    And hey, you guys: I love that you’re chiming in here. Your blogs are either a) not designed to do this sort of meme, or b) something you’ve abandoned and would like people to forget about visiting, or else believe me I would tag you more often! But this meme I’m really behind: this one I think ought to count. So…keep ’em coming!

  3. I’m terribly sorry, but I don’t really have the kind of circle where one tags. Still, can’t resist chucking in some names. Except one, they’re all comedians! I guess that’s natural – a peculiar voice can get character across real fast, but in straight acting that’s a bit coarse, possibly cheating. So anyway …

    (1) Frank Oz. It goes without saying. Look at his resume: Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Animal, Sam the Eagle! Bert, and the Cookie Monster! Yoda! The indispensable classics of our generation. Hail, all hail!

    (2) Mel Blanc. IGWS either. Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Tweety and Sylvester, in fact about all the Warner Bros stable. The Man of a Thousand Voices.

    (3) Peter Jones. I’m slighting twenty or thirty outstanding Brit radio and TV comedians in his favour – names like Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Jimmy Edwards, Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore: titans all! – but Peter Jones gave us the radio voice of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; our narrator and the very book itself. Think how bloody helpful it sounded, and how much bloody help it was. You can hear it even now, right?

    (4) Stanley Unwin. A personal fave, but I’m such a fan of the lone screwball, desperately plugging away. Had only one gimmick, a kind of baby-talk pig latin in which he could speak spontaneously non-stop. Plok, I’ve mentioned him before, he did the narration for the Happiness Stan side of Small Faces’ Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake. Trembly trembly he went, deep into the fundermold of the complicatin’ forry …

    And finally a man I loathe, but can only respect. Had no idea who he was, until I acquired a film-buff friend. My countryman …

    (5) Nick Tate. Aussie actor. Roles great and small in more than a dozen films and about a hundred TV series including Space 1999. Nick is that voice on the movie trailers – that unctuous, confiding, soft-soap-selling paternalistic purr in which no horrible bromide is too fatuous to pronounce. The world will have lost something when he finally retires.

  4. Nick Tate…?

    And, I must get myself some old Small Faces records…!


    Of course the most obvious giant among voice-men is Mel…even when he wasn’t doing voices, he was doing them: “All Aboard, for Anaheim, Azuza, and Kookamunga…!” I keep expecting to see that show up on the Daily Show…

    And, Frank Oz. Damn good call, there. Cripes. I’m embarrassed to say I wasn’t even thinking of Frank Oz, isn’t that awful?

    And the horrifying smoothness of Peter Jones…shudder. Next, we do the great casting directors…!

    And Jonathan, Matthew, Clone, just so everybody knows…what we say here doesn’t limit the responses of the “official” answerers, so we can go nuts if we want to. I mean, it hardly needs saying: I would say the secret of Mel Blanc is out of the bag, except come on, what’s less of a secret than that?

    You know what I would’ve listened to? A Third Doctor radio show. I know Jon Pertwee did radio. Also a Fourth Doctor show wouldn’t’ve been bad at all…but a Third Doctor radio show, jeez louise…

    Anyway, now that Mels’s out…I’ll say SPIKE!!! Inventor of genre and medium…is he the top of all tops, in this exercise? Is there anyone higher? I invite your comments.

  5. My entry will clobber the competition, I promise — yes, that’s a hint — but I’ll need another day or two before posting it. At my advanced age it takes a bit longer to do everything, don’t you know…

  6. Ah … as, you say, Spike.

    (But hold on, what if he really means …)

    Hmmm. Re-file Spike Jones under Effects. But perhaps Max Raabe has the best of both worlds:

    Gee I hope these work out, I haven’t played around with YouTube links before.

  7. Oh geez crap! I only just saw that I was tagged for this now! I know I read this post, but I must have been distracted by something shiny before I got to the end. In the future, you might have to email me, because I’m too dumb to discover things myself.

    Anyway, I will get to this soon, if it’s not hopelessly too late and no one cares anymore.

    Also, what’s the Sadie joke that I’m not getting?

  8. Ah… I think I saw that when I was like four. Anyway, I’ve been a nutball this week, but I will get to it, promise!

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