Forgotten Comics: Carmine Infantino’s “Psychedelic Colour” Period

There is a Beast/Wonder Man one-shot Avengers issue.

There is Star Wars, where I believe he first begins to screw around with this.

There is the Detective Comics #500 Batman/Deadman team-up.

And I know there’s more I’m missing, but I really love Infantino’s “psychedelic” work.  Was it him colouring himself?  Was it him pairing himself, or being paired, with a particular colourist or colourists?  This, too, was a style that might have caught on, but somehow didn’t…explanations?  Examples?  Disputations?

Wouldn’t you just freak out to see him do that on, say, a Silver Surfer comic?


4 responses to “Forgotten Comics: Carmine Infantino’s “Psychedelic Colour” Period

  1. Hmmm… I know not this cool effect of which you speak.

    Truthfully, I’m not a huge fan of Infantino.
    At. All.

    Yet, there HAVE been some elements of his quirky, elongated, squared-off chin, angular human anatomy that I find myself… liking (or at least being INTRIGUED BY), despite my initial automatic eye-ball recoil.

    I’d STILL like to see that coloring effect that you were talking about, however.
    I’m not completely adverse to his work (I think it all depends on who’s inking him – or how rushed his work is), and surreal, twisted coloring just might be the tipping point to being a fan.

    If it’s ANYTHING like the similar works of Alex Niño, (or some of Rudy Nebres similar stuff,) then I’ll LOVE it. (I LOVE Niño’s work.)

    If not, you still have me interested in checking this out.
    I’ll have to go look up these issues and dig through the longboxes.

    ThanX for the head’s-up.


  2. We would not have comic art as we know it today without the work of Carmine Infantino. He was not just a master of the vocabulary but an innovator of it. Clear, consistent impeccable storytelling, perfectly paced, great sense of character, fluid, elegant line, and a genius with motion, of course. So yeah, Infantino Silver Surfer, that would be beautiful. I never thought of his work as psychedelic before, but now that you mention it… His cover for Star Wars #14 (with Terry Austin) has a trippy, op-art background going on. The cover for #22 (inked by Bob Wiacek) would make a cool blacklight poster, especially if you imagine a joint in Han’s right hand. #37 features Luke and Darth amongst some Magic Rocks.

    These Marvel Star Wars covers are alot of fun. Interesting to see Star Wars illustrations by Byrne, Cockrum, Gil Kane, Michael Golden, and of course Walter Simonson and Howard Chaykin.

  3. I’ll supply some issue numbers when I can, as soon as I get back from beyond…

    There is a specific Star Wars comic I’m thinking of, that I can remember almost nothing about (except that for some reason when I think of it I also think of the Moench/Sutton Starlord…whatever that may signify…), that has trippy Infantino art on the inside. However I can’t look for it now, and I’m not even sure I’ve got it back at the stash…I seem to remember doing a trade for it way back when, but then again I also seem to remember a friend saying “no way!” about something-or-other back then, so…

    More details as I get my shit together!

  4. Oh, and just for the sake of CLARITY, when I wrote “similar style” (for Nino and/or Nebres), I was referring to “TRIPPY”.
    Not that those two have a DRAWING style in ANY way similar to Infantino.

    For that, you’d have to go to someone like Steve Lealoha or POSSIBLY a style-tweaked P.Craig Russel (BOTH of whom inked Infantino FABULOUSLY).

    When and if you can, please post issue numbers.
    I’m intrigued.


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