Wow, That is A Good Idea…

…For an X-Files movie poster. It really is.

Actually makes me want to see the movie.

Not to jump the gun on a forthcoming post, but you know how the ability to know how to do it right seems to be in incredibly short supply in the corporate entertainment world, these days? Where once that ability was usually the thing you had to have, if you wanted a job?

Just knowing someone out there gets to do it right — even if it’s only in a small way –is something I find tremendously cheering. More of this sort of thing, please, World.


5 responses to “Wow, That is A Good Idea…

  1. Maybe They want us to think it’s accidental…

    …You know, watching dozens of episodes back to back in the run-up to the movie may be breaking my brain.

  2. Oh! It IS nice!

    Simple, understated and with an air of mystery (long shadows will do that y’know).

    Oddly enough, I found it on a site where the site owner actually expressed a great DISLIKE for it.

    Hurm. No counting for taste, I guess.


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