Stockholm Syndrome

In a strange hiccup of synchronicity, though not knowing a thing about all the various Valerie D’Orazio controversies of recent days, I nevertheless chose yesterday to follow a whim by reading Kevin Huxford’s blog — and let me tell you, if only for the the oddball relationship he has with his trolls, it was fucking fascinating.

However, if you’re thinking of checking it out, you might want to pack a lunch.

Maybe two.


17 responses to “Stockholm Syndrome

  1. Eh, it’s shit like this that’s putting me off reading about comics on the internet. I’m a loudmouthed asshole and I’m getting sick of it, for crap’s sake.

  2. Also I heard Janey was out last weekend at the movies, and it wasn’t with Bob…

    Sorry, a little self-derogatory jesting there, but yeah. You’re all bang-on. And I imagine I sense you guys are, like me, maybe a little uncomfortable even starting to say anything about such things, because…oh, for God’s sake, once you start talking about it then you’re in it, and then what’s left for you? You know it actually took me quite a while to get a blog, even after I started to think I might like to have one, because I thought as soon as I did it would just all turn to that. Then I found a couple of places that were civil basically all the time, and I thought “okay, I can do it like this instead, thank God…”

    Not that I, as the kind of guy who would actually spend time blogging about comics (!), am immune from having a little social maladaptation creep into my behaviour from time to time. Naturally not! As debonair as I am, I do fuck up now and then — and my frankly Lovecraftian little black book is full of women who’d attest to that, believe me. However…all bragging aside…

    It’s the odour of schoolyard justice that I always find so appalling about such demogogic shenanigans, not just in whatever participants they might have but in myself as an observer, too. Even as a distant observer. Part of me (though I almost can’t quite believe it’s true, in this case) actually has an opinion about it all…and part of me wants to use that opinion as an excuse to weigh in and try to impose my own order on the situation. No, scratch that: part of me is filled with gleeful anticipation at the prospect of encountering moronic social strife in the form of a flame war, because part of me is still a six-year old kid on a playground hunting for advantage at other people’s expense.

    And not finding it, obviously; well, but I am a lifelong geek, after all, and you know those guys never win at such games.

    Anyway I find it appalling, as you do.

    That said, however…Kevin Huxford’s interaction with the demon voices of his trolls is rather fascinating, if you can only justify wasting a couple hours of your precious, precious life in examining it. Like, I’m saying don’t do it or anything…! Just trust me when I say it’s really quite curious. He doesn’t delete ’em, he doesn’t ban ’em, he engages with them, and they just flock around, flock around, flock around. And I don’t believe I’ve seen that before. After a while it starts to read like schizophrenia in blog form. It almost becomes a story, in a way. Like The Exorcist, or something.

    Which I guess is my way of saying: yeah, I feel a little uncomfortable saying so much about the current bullshit, or even just alluding to it as much as I have, but…that aspect of it interested me enough that I was willing to read further, even at the risk of forming an opinion about the whole mess. Which, unfortunately, I have: but I guess those are the sacrifices we make for science, damn it!

  3. What a horrible experience. I’ve got question about the sanity of one of two of the participants in this debate, but who’d want to risk naming them?

    Still, at least now I know what happens when two trolls enter into a debate with each other.

  4. I’m also a reluctantly curious observer of the whole thing–I can pitch a fit like I was born for it when needed, but being in antagonistic relationships of any kind makes me want to constantly puke, so I’m not sure how they soldier through. Kevin was the first person ever to comment on my blog (who doesn’t live in my house anyway), and he was perfectly nice about it, so I have to give him points for that outside of his trollstorm. People just seem to hate each other so much, and if you haven’t been following them for very long, it’s nigh impossible to tell whether anyone is actually crazy or if they just bring out the worst in each other. Anyway, my preference is to just read everyone’s blog with a smile and withhold judgment. Until someone flames me I guess.

  5. — I don’t think you have anything to worry about there, Evie!

    Not so, I’m ready for a rumble. Flame on!

    Actually, I spent last night reading those blogs and woke up this morning feeling strangely soiled and grubby. And I thought, “Why does following a flame war make us feel guilty anyway?” I mean, comics – like all literature – are about conflict. We read page after page after page of people thumping, slicing, kicking seven shades out of, blasting and murdering each other. All fine. But when real people start having arguments, even though there’s no physical conflict involved, though we’re fascinated by it, we’re also repelled.

    I don’t know, maybe we should admit we enjoy it and leave it at that. Or would we become less civilised if we did that. Just thinking.

  6. Ha! Not the first time I’ve been accused of Seinfeldianism. At any rate, I’m glad you didn’t find it insulting, Kevin…far too much insult flying around the blogosphere these days already, and I’d hate to add to it.

  7. Heh…I’m not as sensitive a fellow as one might be inclined to think. I just don’t walk away from an argument very easily and can carry a grudge like a true Irishman. I don’t show up everywhere my name is spoken thrice. I’ve actually e-mailed someone to thank them for calling me an a-hole while acknowledging that I’m no threat to assassinate a comic book creator at a convention. I can sit for opinions, just not delusions (as you may or may not find ironic). ;)

  8. Oh God, eight set-ups in a single paragraph, say three combinations per jokey comeback, let’s see that’s…is it 8 factorial! times three?

    Do I have that right?

    Aaarrggh…damn you Kevin…

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