Get Off My Lawn, America!

Man, I loathe this new Daylight Savings Time nonsense.

And what’re you smiling about, Canada?  You’re not exactly off the hook either…

Damn it, now I’m gonna be jet-lagged ’til the proper time of year comes around.  Who are the harmonization junkies who voted for this?

Whoever you are, you ask too much, sir!

I’m pissed.


4 responses to “Get Off My Lawn, America!

  1. It’s the other way around that bothers me. What we should be doing is eliminating STANDARD time altogether. Just not fall back one fall and leave it that way. It’s already getting too depressingly dark too damn early at that time of year, and then, hey, set the clocks back, and the next thing you know within a week I wish some sniper in a clock tower would take me out so I don’t even know what happens when my brains spray the cement. Fuck mornings, which is what we go back to standard for anyway..

  2. Yeah, here’s what happened to me on top of this nonsense:

    My watch couldn’t handle Leap Year, so it kept giving me the wrong DATE, but I was having too much trouble already coping with time-multitasking, so I didn’t notice until it was TOO LATE!

    A calendar I forgot to turn over to the next month AGREED with the wrong date on my watch, causing me to believe in it more.

    My tide calendar is suddenly out one hour — BUT I DIDN’T NOTICE until one hour ago when it was abruptly TOO LATE.

    I missed an hour of work last week because I couldn’t adjust — kept thinking “well, it’ll be dark soon, better knock off” and then “why isn’t it getting dar…OH FOR CHRIST’S SAKE…!”

    You spend forty-odd years having this stuff sink into your bones, and then they change it up on you. But where’s the melotonin for this???

  3. Noted, Cashewkitten! My apologies for missing you somehow, all those years ago!

    Something now becoming really apparent to me is that this also makes it hard to arrange phone meetings with people in other parts of the world, eh? “North American Zones” don’t gibe too well with globalization…

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