Sun, Blue Sky, Cold Beet Soup

And so here we are, moving right along. Well, aren’t we? Hmm, maybe we’re not: I watch the clock and sip the soup, wondering when the phone call will come in that means I get paid today…meanwhile you, doubtless, are goofing off at work.

Hey, it’s a transitional time.

If all goes remotely as planned on this bright, chilly Wednesday, Thursday will see me travelling on three buses and a ferry, on my way to do some moderately vigourous (and hopefully moderately lucrative) outdoor physical labour. Then back again. Then off again. Then back. Then off. Hopefully by this summer it will all have congealed into a comforting routine.

In the meantime, there’s blogging: I hope to have a review of Lost Girls up sometime soonish (maybe even today, if the soup holds out!), but right now I’d like to invite Dave Fiore, Mike Loughlin, Cuitlamiztli Carter, The Fortress Keeper, and Disintegrating Clone to revisit the “Worst Superteam” comment thread and cast their votes for a winner. Because as always, the truly enjoyable thing about blogging isn’t in the writing, but in the reading: in getting to sneak a peek at other peoples’ curious or interesting ideas.

Hey, it’s like a metaphor, or something…!

So let’s do some of that, at least ’til the phone rings.

Waiter, more soup over here, if you please!


4 responses to “Sun, Blue Sky, Cold Beet Soup

  1. You should be proud having inspired that discussion about superteams. Let’s see more of these intriguing questions!

    I eagerly await your “Lost Girls” review, but speaking of “Girls,” have you read the comic by the Brothers Luna?

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