I put this in as an edit in the last post, but I’ll put it up here as a thing of its own…because you should really see it.

Tom Spurgeon’s “Collective Memory” — which I somewhat foolishly took to consist of 999 Gerber-related blog entries at first (“999” is actually the name of someone’s blog), nonetheless logs more commemorations of Steve Gerber’s life and work than I can comfortably count.

Quite clearly not a thousand, though — silly me.  But it’s a pretty big number anyway.


2 responses to “999

  1. And, hmm. Now it seems to have disappeared.

    That would be a shame; it looked like it took an awful lot of work to compile.

    Maybe I just dreamed it.

  2. Nope! It’s back. Funny, this has been happening with a lot of the Steve posts out there — they appear, then disappear, then come back again about half the time.

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