Oh, No

I just found out that Steve Gerber is dead.

Forgive me, I’m just going to have to work on processing that for a few minutes.

Very sad news.


7 responses to “Oh, No

  1. I was thrown for a loop myself and batted out a tribute – as inadequate as it may be – as quickly as possible.

    His writing meant a lot to me when I grew up, and I truly believe he was one of the unheralded greats in comics.

  2. Think he did at that, Sean.

    I was just thinking about one of Steve’s recent posts from the hospital — odd how you always do, isn’t it? I was just thinking of the bit where he was talking about how they discovered a spot on his lung that could be cancer — I quote from imperfect memory —

    “…But if it is cancer then it’s game over, I’m afraid. They don’t transplant cancer patients.”

    That’s probably not a quote, but a poor paraphrase — in fact there’s no “probably”: I’m almost sure it is. But it got me thinking, and thinking…about what I’m not quite sure at this point, but I think it has something to do with what people are like when they’re gravely ill. It’s what they’re like when they’re in a sudden life-or-death crisis, like someone’s trapped in a burning car or something. People, I think as a rule, are peculiarly cool under mortal pressure. It’s sort of the best of them. That comes at the last of them.

    Man, this is a jar. Strange as hell. I never met the man, although I had the pleasure of shooting a couple emails back and forth with him not too long ago — thrill of my fucking life.

    Keeper, as I said over on your blog — good tribute, and definitely le scan juste.

    Cheers, guys. Good heavens, what a day.

  3. How odd that I pulled some Essentials from my shelf yesterday (without knowing of Steve’s passing).

    Marvel Two-in-One, and noticed the difference between his stories and Claremont’s almost immediately.

    I then thought; “…it must be a very difficult task to take up a story from Gerber and try to carry on from there. It’s obvious that he’s not there anymore, except for his footprint…his trail.”

    That would speak of the man as well.
    To carry him; his ideas/ideals and perceptions, forth must be a difficult task indeed.
    It’s obvious that he’s no longer there… except for his footprint. His trail.



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