Red-Handed Jill

Oh, hello, 7yche

…If that is your real name…

And, why, whatever could have brought you here?

And: why don’t you wear that skull-and-crossbones belt buckle more? I think that must be my favourite belt buckle ever, of all belt buckles. Also your boyfriend seems to me like a swell egg, and I approve.

Greetings, Bloggers, and I hope you’ll welcome my old real-life friend, now new online friend, the girl who goes by 7yche — because it’s for her that I’ve reorganized the Categories on my sidebar (even to my detriment), and it’s for her that I’m about to highlight certain of the links on my sidebar, as being things that she (as a budding Philosophy-course-taker in University) might find useful to read and reference on her own soon-to-be blog.

So don’t take offence if your name’s left out; she’s already remarked on the beautiful names you’ve all chosen for your blogs, and has expressed a desire to read you. But she needs a justification for having a blog in the first place: it must serve her studies.


7yche, I think you should pay close attention to Motime Like The Present (! ) (and how!), Double Articulation, Inside The Cosmic Cube, No Time To Explain, I Am Not The Beastmaster, The Absorbascon (you kind of have to delve into the archives to get the good, here — but it’s worth it. In a future post, if Scipio doesn’t speak against it, I’ll try to line up links to his extreme superhero erudition), and just for fun, Sean Witzke: Supervillain, The Fate Of The Artist, and Pretty Fakes.

Also I recommend (again, just for fun! but strongly recommended, Good Christ!) that you google “The Arrival”, “Shaun Tan”, and “Jog” all together — I think I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Blogland, may I present: my official comics protege, reader of Cynicalman, Lost Girls, V For Vendetta, and Tozo. To say she’s smart is a ridiculous oversimplification — she can handle anything you guys throw at her.

So please throw something at her. Please recommend to her a place she should visit online. WARNING: she already knows all about Achewood and Jim Woodring’s Blog, and I have given her boyfriend my Fantagraphics catalogue that I received in the mail. She’s read Maus, though she doesn’t know Love & Rockets from a hole in the ground. She’s the girl I often talk about, who bought a TPB of “My Monkey’s Name Is Jennifer”. I showed her my copies of Mouse Guard. She’s a Peanuts fan. She thinks Spider-Man’s stupid.

In short, her knowledge of both comics and blogging is high-quality, but scattershot. So, Bloggers — you kind and inviting people — and may I presume on you by calling this a meme? — please suggest to her, if you would, one educational comics Blogsite, and one fun/artistic/humourous comics Blogsite. And if you think of one site that fulfills all these criteria…

Well then, won’t you double it, and suggest another that does so as well?

So, two sites.

You were so kind to Merrie — and she appreciated it a great deal, did I tell you that? — that I hope it won’t be too presumptuous of me to hope you’ll be as kind to 7yche. Here’s a person who’s entering our world. I’d love it if you would join me in making her welcome.

Of course, I know you all will: well, aren’t you superheroes?


15 responses to “Red-Handed Jill

  1. Educational: Steven Grant on thought balloons:

    Fun: uh any artist sketchblog. The best ones for my money are Eric Canete’s : and Paul Pope’s: But there are a ton and most of them are great and will teach you more about comics than anyone talking about them.

    Criticism: I think the best critical sites are Jog: and The Factual Opinion:

    Oh and it’s nice to hear my name in such company, I’ll tell you that. And there are a lot of people who don’t know anything about Love and Rockets. I mean I have the one book, but I’ve never ever cracked it.

  2. When I checked that “pulphope” link, it was fulla nuthin’, Sean.

    I will indeed monkey around with WordPress and make ’em right.

    Nect week!

  3. I suppose you could…

    Actually, Sean W., could you re-repost that link I gave you to that Toth Black Canary here?

    Shit, I can’t think of a better object lesson in How To Do It than that. Absolutely wild.


    You guys just ain’t tryin’.

    But do repost that Toth B.C.

  4. Rather than bloggers, I’ll just offer a handful of particular posts that stick in my mind:

    Rose Curtin’s consideration of “save points” in Scott Pilgrim:

    And hey, since 7yche hasn’t read Love & Rockets here’s the thread initiated by Rose that probably pushed me over the edge to read it:

    Archived post by John Pistelli arguing against Alan Moore’s politics in Promethea:
    (It’s a great loss that John’s LiveJournals have been deleted.)

    Patrick Meaney’s excellent post on comic/movie adaptation:
    (Also check it out, he’s the only person on the net to have a review of every single issue of The Invisibles.)

    Ooh, and not a blog, but serially posted, the web comic I must always promote, Bruno (1996-2007) by Chris Baldwin:

  5. “7yche” because “Tyche” was taken, and on the day I registered my username I’d 1: given myself a bruise on the forehead by opening the bathroom door into it (yes. seriously. on the browbone) 2: found a toonie (A TOONIE! That’s how much a sleeve of beer costs at the UBC pub on tuesdays!) and 3: checked my horoscope. Apparently “Tyche” is the goddess of luck, both good and bad, and is the astrological equivalent of “paton” to us saggitariusses. I suppose I could change the nickname, but if you get to be Plok (and not “plonk,” like keep almost calling you, and also happen to have a bottle of right here … it smells like bowen…) Well, now all that inane business is out of the way…

    I’ve only just gotten around to reading this entry and I can tell you I would have gotten all caught up with this blog sooner if I knew this one was for me!

    Like Plok said, my knowledge is “scattershot.” That is *exactly* what it is. I have never read a single Superman comic, but I am already familiar with Seanbaby’s Super Friends. (Though it is good to see at least SOMEONE had some idea what a female university student would like… oh, right, COMICS bloggers. Sorry.) But seriously, you folks are all right! I’m not surprised to see Double Articulation was among the top billing – the only post I’ve afforded myself the time off studying for is “Two Earth-Clotted Hands” and I was blown away. This is exactly the sort of blogsphere I want to be getting involved in!

    Thanks for putting up so many links, i’m seriously excited about all thsi! Reading break’s coming up and, well, looks like I’m gonna spend it reading!

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