George Romero Redux

Attention, Western Canadian readers of this blog! Who also watch TV.

Is it enough already with the fucking “Simply Red” commercials from Telus?

Telus, if you must foist a zombie off on me, at least make it one I can kill by shooting in the head.

If you wouldn’t mind.


I’m about to go all Elvis on this TV, I really am. If I hadn’t read that episode of Billy The Fish (f. Mike Hucknell!) from the Eighties, I would’ve gone fully insane yesterday. I would’ve already been roaming the streets consumed by rage, looking for brains to eat. Oh, not for myself! Just to relieve others of the pain of having a brain, when these god-damned commercials come on.

So: no Telus purchases, not ever.

Say it with me.

3 responses to “George Romero Redux

  1. Ok, this is only marginally related to the topic of this post, but about four years ago I was staying in Vancouver and I watched a Canadian stand-up show on the box. Don’t recall which channel. He was a big bloke, long hair and a beard, and he was frickin’ hilarious. Did a bit about getting plastered while camping, and how it’s only in that drunken state do you eat some of the things you do while in the great outdoors.

    Bit of a long shot, but any idea who he is? I’ve always wondered.

  2. Hmm…if it was on TV, you might’ve been watching a show taped in Toronto. Not that that’s such a big stumbling block, necessarily — I get TV too — but it’s not ringing any bells off the top of my head, if I may mix a metaphor. Also they do a LOT of repeats on the Comedy Channel, so I can’t be sure if you’re not talking about someone from more like ten years ago.

    Plastered while camping…it sort of rings a bell, a little bit…

    “Hilarious” rings much less of a bell.

    I guess I don’t know.

    But I’ll keep an eye out! You know how these things work, Madelay, I’ll probably see him on TV tomorrow. He probably lives down the hall from me. Synchronicity’s a powerful force.

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