Both Too Hot AND Too Cold

Attention, American readers of this blog!

Just saw tonight’s Daily Show (my main source of news this past week-and-a-half), and I have to say:  congratulations.  May Mitt Romney and his…I guess I have to call them ilk…forever be consigned to the sink-trap at the nethermost point of your democratic process.  Right over the Ajax, so it can keep an eye on him.

We all hated that guy;  we would not have remained friends with you if he had been elected (shudder) your President.  Not that we ever thought he would be!  Ha, ha!  It is to laugh.  But even if he had been the nominee, my goodness.  We would seriously have had to think about seeing other people.

We would seriously have had to think about building a border fence.

No blame, though!  Sure, we get it:  bring guys like this out into the light, so everybody can get a good look at them!  It’s a wise use of democratic freedom.  It’s commendable.  It’s like electoral Jerry Springer.  I think it’s healthy.

And I’m grateful, very grateful, that even when you dump bucketloads of cash over rabidity, Americans still won’t call it a hot fudge sundae.

However, I’m still a little bit alarmed by Mike Huckabee.  Why is Stephen Colbert going out of his way to help him so much?

Oh…that’s why.

Another beautiful joke, Mr. Colbert.


One response to “Both Too Hot AND Too Cold

  1. Whether or not he’s helping Huckabee, I don’t believe Stephen Colbert is going out of his way to showcase him. It’s simply that Huck is fascinating to watch and his appearances make good television. This is not the same thing as being good for the nation or good for democracy, of course.

    In a way, Huckabee and Colbert do have something important in common. There’s a sense in which they’re doing the same thing. Huckabee is the first American politician at the national level who looks and acts and sounds exactly like a talk show host. The easy and utterly false bonhomie, the ready wit, the willingness to make sport of himself and show that he’s in on the joke — while privately holding the joke in contempt — there has never been another politician in my memory who did such a perfect job of being a guy on television.

    A lot has been said about Colbert’s debt to Bill O’Reilly…but O’Reilly never ever seems like he’s enjoying himself (his persona is all about his sense of perpetually being outraged) and what makes Colbert so watchable is the way he avoids a direct copy. He always comes across like he’s having the time of his life…which is what Huckabee has been doing. He’s cast himself as the evangelical conservative Christian who isn’t angry, who isn’t strident. It’s pretty damn slick. In private he tears his underlings a few new orfices when things go wrong, he tries to crush anyone who criticizes him in the press…but he never lets people see that when the cameras are on.

    Also, I am incapable of seeing him and not thinking it’s actually Kevin Spacey playing the role of a fictitious character called Mike Huckabee. I have this cherished fantasy that one day when the campaign is over, he’ll turn around and say “Of course I’m Kevin Spacey! This whole thing was just a stunt to promote my new movie about what would happen if an anti-intellectual fanatic who wants to put gays and abortionists in prison charmed his way into the White House! You don’t imagine that could happen in real life, do you?”

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